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How Does AS400 iSeries Outsourcing Improve Operational Efficiency?

Are you having a hard time getting help for your IBM i (iSeries, System i & AS/400)? Is it tough to save money while making things work better? Is handling your midrange systems a struggle? Maybe you're thinking about getting help from outside and spending less.

If that's the case, we can assist you in checking the costs and problems of getting help from others. We can also help you find good companies to run your systems.

Different Ways to Get Help from Others iSeries Outsourcing:

Traditional Outsourcing: In traditional AS400 iSeries Outsourcing, a company takes your IBM i (iSeries, System i & AS/400) and manages it in their own data center. They handle everything, like keeping it running, making updates, and taking care of the place it's stored.

They even help with things like power, cooling, and security. They're good at saving money because they can manage many systems at once.

Remote Management: With remote management, you keep your IBM i hardware in your place, and a company helps you run it from afar. They can provide similar support as in traditional outsourcing, but there are some things they can't do, like handling physical tapes or giving you offsite storage or disaster recovery services. It's not as cost-effective.

Facilities Management: This one is used less often because, at first, it can be the most expensive. In this setup, a company either hires your employees or puts their own in your place to do most of the work on-site.

Some businesses mix these approaches. They might start with facilities or remote management and later move to full outsourcing. This usually happens when both the company and you trust each other.

Reasons why businesses need iSeries Outsourcing

Companies need help with iSeries because their experts are retiring, and they want to keep up with new technology. When they get outside help, they can have skilled experts available to solve problems quickly.

This also makes their work more efficient and their customer support better, especially when their own experts are in short supply.

One of the big reasons companies are outsourcing their iSeries work is because they're losing their experts.

These experts are retiring, and companies need to focus on getting people with new and up-to-date technology skills.

How Outsourcing iSeries Can Help Desk Support

One of the big reasons companies are AS400 iSeries Outsourcing their iSeries work is because they're losing their experts. These experts are retiring, and companies need to focus on getting people with new and up-to-date technology skills.

When they outsource iSeries work, they can call on experienced experts when they need help. This helps them fix problems fast. Outsourcing also helps them work better and provide better support when their own experts are in short supply.

How Outsourcing Can Maximize iSeries Efficiencies?

Boosting efficiency in IT is essential, but dealing with old servers and their systems can be tough. You want to make things run better, use big data, and work with cloud services, especially on your old iSeries system. But your IT team is really busy with important projects.

Outsourcing IBM iSeries operations means getting help from another company. They can adjust their support based on your needs and when you need it. This helps your business by having a safe and reliable server system with support 24/7.

They can make your servers and system work better and add new things like IoT, big data, and cloud services.

what are Upgrade and Migration Challenges?

One big reason companies choose to outsource their old AS400 systems is the trouble they've had with previous upgrades and migrations. When it's time to update or move these systems, it can be tricky, especially if the business has fallen behind. Going from version 7.1 to 7.3 might not be too hard, but making bigger leaps can lead to problems that need experts to fix.

Eventually, most companies will think about moving their applications to a different system or the cloud. The older the application, the harder it is to move because it needs changes in the code.

Having access to experts who have successfully moved iSeries servers helps the IT team get the help they need. This prevents problems that can waste time, and money, and make the business less efficient.


upgrading and migrating IT systems, particularly legacy ones like AS400 or iSeries, can present numerous challenges. These challenges range from compatibility issues to resource allocation, and they often lead companies to consider AS400 iSeries Outsourcing as a viable solution.

Outsourcing can provide the expertise and support needed to navigate these obstacles, ensuring a smoother transition and helping businesses stay current and efficient in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Whether it's dealing with past upgrade issues or planning for future migrations, outsourcing offers a strategic approach to addressing these complex IT transformations.

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