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Outsourcing is a feasible option when a company doesn’t have sufficient experience and expertise in a certain field or doesn’t want to invest too much of its resources in it. The time and expense associated with hiring can be greatly reduced through outsourcing. You get a ready-made team of IT professionals from your outsourcing partner. Therefore, you don’t need to stress about hiring in-house developers and paying them competitive salaries.

However, if you collaborate with the wrong outsourcing partner, it can make a lot of things go south. Let’s take a look at 6 common roadblocks to outsourcing software development and learn how to overcome them.

Overcome Outsourcing Custom Software Development Roadblocks
1. Finding a Reliable Software Development Outsourcing Company

2. Accurate Estimation of Software Development Project
(A) Ensure clarity on the requirements of the software development project
(B) Make ballpark estimations
(C) Steer clear of fixed-price software development projects

3. Service Quality Level of the Software Development Outsourcing Company

4. Key Individuals Quitting Before the Completion of the Development Project
(A) Run a complete background check
(B) Hire personnel with a stellar reputation
(C) Pay in line with industry standards

5. Cutting Development Costs Without Jeopardizing the Quality of the Services
(A) Price is not the top priority
(B) Hire in-house project managers

6. Prioritize Data Security and IP protection

Additionally, to prevent IP and data security risks, ensure the following:
1. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the outsourced custom software development company (following your local IP laws) before disclosing any sensitive data.

2. Before signing an NDA contract with the custom software development provider, conduct research on independent review platforms. Such investigation should examine the software development service provider’s reputation and any prior violations of the intellectual property rights of its customers.

3. Additionally, you should look into the custom software development company’s internal risk management procedures. You must also verify their capacity to protect your intellectual property and how they would handle the situation in the event of an internal data security breach.

What Qualities Must an Excellent Software Development Outsourcing Company Possess?
1. Testimonials
2. Experience
3. Communication
4. Technical Proficiency

Integrative Systems Can Transform Your Vision into Reality!

You can build an expert team of IT developers and effectively plan the entire software development process with the help of a reputable software development outsourcing company. This is where Integrative Systems come into the picture. We are one of the best custom software development outsourcing companies in the USA and can help you turn your vision into reality. We have served clients from various industries worldwide.

We offer you over 20 years of industry experience, a vast talent pool, technical expertise, agile project management methodologies, and effective communication skills.

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Microsoft Power BI is one of the leading business analytics software that can help you improve your business intelligence practices. It offers multiple functionalities that simplify your process to understand business data and improve business decisions.

Apart from the features and benefits it provides, it’s important for you to know how much Power BI costs. As it has multiple versions, you must know its prices before integrating it into your business ecosystem. Let’s dive into understanding the cost of Power BI versions and help you finalize the ideal one for your business based on its requirements.

Microsoft Power BI Cost
You can choose from Power BI’s five major versions depending on your data visualization and analytics requirements. From choosing the free version to purchasing the premium version, you have multiple options delivering different results and functionalities, like:

1. Power BI Desktop (free)
You can use Power BI Desktop for free, which can help you create charts and graphs, model, intuitive dashboards, connect datasets, transform different datasets, and share reports using different Power BI services.

2. Power BI Pro (£7.50)
This is one of the core skills any Power BI analyst should have. Using data analytics skills, the candidates must see the big picture and share insights in layman’s terms for effective decision-making.

3. Power BI Premium (varies)
The premium version of Power BI software offers the capacity and space in the Microsoft cloud to help you share and manage your reports. You can get the required capacity based on the number of users, capacity, or factors like scale-down or up. The platform enables you to publish or share reports with others without the license requirement.

4. Power BI Report Server (on premium, possibly free)
It is an on-premise physical server you can use to create and view reports on Power BI Desktop or Pro. Multiple reports can be viewed on an email, web browser, or mobile device.

5. Power BI Embedded (varies)
It connects Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports to applications using Power BI Embedded. Make your desired changes and create a solid ecosystem for better business results. The overall cost of Power BI Embedded relies on the type and number of nodes chosen and deployed. The nodes are differentiated based on the number of RAM and v-cores.

Reasons to Use Power BI
Being a result-oriented organization, you can utilize different Power BI functions for great reporting and analytics power. It can also improve your data analysis approach. Here’s why using Power BI can help you unlock new heights of business intelligence:

1. Simple and easy management
2. Excellent customizations
3. Smooth distribution and collaboration

Why Choose Integrative Systems for Power BI Assistance?
There are many reasons why you should opt for professional Power BI support services from Integrative Systems. Here are a few major ones:

1. Improve your Power BI outcomes
2. Enhance your data visualization capabilities
3. Identify industry trends with finesse
4. Boost profitability and revenue
5. Get a competitive edge

Invest in the Right Power BI Technology
Now that you know the estimated Power BI costs of different versions, it can simplify your investment process according to your budget. But making a rushed Power BI investment call can be a waste. We at Integrative Systems can help you make informed decisions as we offer top-notch Power BI consultation and support services.

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Do you want to improve your decision-making using a leading data visualization tool like Power BI? Are you looking for a skilled and versatile Microsoft Power BI data analyst to manage your data visualization requirements? It can be daunting to differentiate the top talent in the Power BI data analyst arena from the rest. But your task will become easy if you know all the core skill sets a talented Power BI analyst is equipped with.

But what are these special skills? Is there something you aren’t aware of? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Being a Power BI solution provider for decades, we know the core skill that makes a Power BI analyst the best fit for your company. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top professional skills a Power BI data analyst must be equipped with.

Skills a Power BI Analyst Must Have
If you are looking for a Power BI reporting analyst, you don’t want to hire a Power BI expert with an average skill set. To refine the hiring process, here’s what you need to look for:

1. Experience with the BI tools
2. Data analytics
3. Data Preparation
4. Experience in data-specific roles
5. Understanding of Microsoft BI stack
6. Data Modeling
7. Software Development Skills
8. Data Visualization
9. Practical Hands-on Experience
10. Good Communication Skills
11. Creative Approach
12. Good Attention to Detail

How Can Power BI Solution Providers Help You?
A professional Power BI service provider can handle different Power BI aspects for your organization. Have a look:

1. Power BI support
2. Workforce training
3. Project consulting
4. Report design
5. Expand your team

It’s High-Time You Associate with the Best Power BI Solution Providers

At Integrative Systems, we have an expert team to deliver your desired Power BI solutions and have the experience of using multiple features and services Microsoft provides. You can shift your focus to your better and more productive operations and let our team handle the data visualization and management aspects using Power BI.

Here are the top four reasons we are suitable for providing your end-to-end Power BI management support services:
1. Cover all your Power BI analyst requirements
2. 100% results delivered
3. Cost-effective solutions
4. Simplified solutions for large business data sets
5. Creative and experienced team

We use different Power BI features to create intuitive reports with enticing data representation formats. We can also help you train your team to improve their efficiency in handling Power BI. We share our knowledge and expertise to strengthen your existing processes.

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Hiring a top ASP .NET MVC developer can be stressful and time-consuming. You want to hire the most qualified candidate right off the bat, someone who is reliable, experienced, and skilled. If you’re actively looking to hire ASP dot NET developers, you should also be familiar with the framework to ensure that you are recruiting skilled coders for your project.

Let’s understand the roles and skills of an ASP .NET MVC developer and how you can hire them.

What Is the Role of an ASP .NET MVC Developer?

An ASP .NET MVC developer builds new technologies to support already-existing apps. They are responsible for developing client-side, back-end, and network application layers, frameworks, and patterns leveraging the most suitable and efficient technologies.

In addition to designing and developing websites, an ASP .NET MVC developer works on solution design, releases patch updates, and provides excellent code. They should also keep up to date with the newest technologies and tools for software development.

These technologies and tools will provide their usefulness while choosing the best technology for specific uses, testing their software creations, and resolving technical glitches. Only a handful of ASP .NET MVC developers have the experience and expertise to manage complex software development projects and provide top-notch services. This means you must search diligently for someone who meets your company’s business needs.

What Important Skills Must an ASP .NET MVC Developer Have?

1. ASP.NET MVC Proficiency
2. Client-Side Technology
3. Programming Languages
4. Coding
5. Budget Planning
6. Time Management
7. Problem-Solving Skills

How to Hire an ASP.NET MVC Developer?

Let’s assume that you have chosen the .NET development company from which you intend to hire ASP .NET MVC developers. However, you are on a tight budget. What other choices do you have, then? Well, don’t worry! Most software development companies give you the option to work with highly qualified .NET developers on budget-friendly means. Here are a few pointers you must keep a note of:

1. Outline Your Project’s Requirements
2. Research the Market
3. Choose Your Hiring Locations
4. Check Reviews and Testimonials
5. Analyze their Portfolios
6. Estimate Your Budget
7. Hire Developers on a Short-term Basis
8. Do you need Project Pricing or an Hourly Pricing Model
9. Look for an Analytical Mindset
10. Assess Their Communication and Interpersonal Skills
11. Hire Experienced .NET Developers for Your Project

Hire ASP.NET MVC Developers from Integrative Systems

Finding dedicated developers for your .NET development project is now streamlined with Integrative Systems. The fact that we have over two decades of experience in the IT field is the greatest benefit of outsourcing to us. More than 500 .NET developers are actively engaged in a broad spectrum of projects, and we have over 15 years of experience creating .NET applications. Our.NET developers are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies that are applicable to the.NET platform.

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Microsoft .NET is a framework that can help businesses achieve their purposes by developing custom applications that are dynamic, productive, efficient, and quality-rich. However, building a business application with .NET takes considerable investment, time, and effort. The app development process necessitates steps such as:

1. Planning
2. Designing
3. Development
4. Testing
5. Deployment
6. Support and maintenance

If you don’t have skilled and experienced IT professionals at your disposal, you might not achieve the outcome you envisioned. But that can be prevented if you consider outsourcing Microsoft .NET development to a software development company.

The days of having to recruit in-house professionals with specific skill sets and vendors to acquire the necessary infrastructure to begin a new project are long gone. Everything is readily available in today’s technology-driven world, including the infrastructure and top talent required to accommodate a .NET project at competitive prices. All of this is possible via outsourcing.

Let’s learn why businesses prefer the .NET framework, how outsourcing can help realize their .NET development goals, and what the steps are to outsource your .NET project.

Why Do Businesses Use the .NET Framework?

An IT organization usually opts to outsource a .NET development company if there’s a need for a web application or a digital solution. However, there’s a lot the .NET platform can do for its users besides the requirements mentioned above. Businesses can also use it to fulfill their needs of incorporating dynamic features into their existing software applications.

Although deciding when to use the .NET framework for a project may seem tricky, here are several domains where businesses can:

1. Web applications
2. Desktop applications
3. Internet of things (IoT)
4. Machine learning

Why Outsource .NET Software Development?
It is because there are myriad advantages that you can access when you outsource a .NET development company. Below are 5 reasons for you to consider outsourcing Microsoft .NET development:

1. Access to Top Development Tools and Technologies
2. Access to Experienced and Certified .NET Developers
3. Decrease in Training Costs of In-house Workforce
4. Reduction in the Cost of the Development Project
5. Guaranteed .NET Application Security and Compliance

Step-by-Step Guide for Outsourcing Your .NET Development Project
The steps you must take to outsource your .NET development project are listed below:

1. Establish Your Business Requirements and Goals
2. Choose the Location You Want to Outsource Your .Net Developers from
3. Find a Reliable Outsourcing Microsoft .NET Development Company
4. Decide on the Pricing Model and Sign the NDA Contract
5. Conduct the Discovery Stage
6. Get Started with Your Chosen Team of Outsourced .NET Developers

Outsource .NET Developers from Integrative Systems
Integrative Systems, a Microsoft .NET development company, can help you build .NET applications of any complexities cost-effectively. We have launched more than 100 .NET projects and have more than two decades of domain expertise. We can also assist you in designing and building your .NET project successfully.

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To date, ASP .NET has no record of letting down its many customers who still use it. The reason? Why, of course, it offers tons of benefits, such as reliability, code reusability, and interoperability, not only for software developers but also for tech businesses.

.NET is a versatile platform, supporting over 60 programming languages and various software development methodologies. Therefore, choosing the appropriate .NET development company to collaborate with is essential for your business in order to avail the services you desire. Nevertheless, despite the fact that all dot NET companies compete for the patronage and attention of prospective customers, not all of them provide top-notch services.

Now, choosing one among so many options can turn out to be a daunting task, and we certainly don’t want that, do we? But the question still remains: which one to choose? To streamline your selection process, we have shortlisted the top .NET development companies that have mastered the art of creating robust mobile and web-based applications.

Let’s dive in!

List of Top 12 ASP.NET Development Companies

1. Integrative Systems
Integrative Systems, a leading provider of .NET development services in the USA, was founded in the year 2001. Their headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, and they serve clients across Canada and the United States. Additionally, the software development company has an overseas branch in Maharashtra, India.

At the moment, Integrative Systems has more than 250 qualified personnel with diverse skill sets. They have over 20 years of experience in the .NET development industry and can assist you in turning your product blueprint into reality.

2. Ignitho Technologies
Ignitho Technologies, founded in 2013, is one of the top NET development companies in the United States. They offer software solutions to clients all over the world for Android and iOS platforms.

3. SphereGen Technologies
SphereGen Technologies is a cutting-edge software and application development firm that offers top-quality, mission-critical solutions that are also cost-effective. It also offers its clients consulting services and solutions for custom software development.

4. PicNet
PicNet is the appropriate choice if you are considering implementing technology to increase efficiency, cut costs, minimize risk, and expand progressively. It is a Microsoft .NET development firm with expertise in Angular, React, Python, and IoT, situated in Sydney. Since its founding in 2001, PicNet has provided IT services to various industries.

5. Blitzm Systems
Blitzm Systems is another top .NET development company that can serve as either your remote or on-site development team. They have offices in Richmond, Melbourne. The business has earned a spot among the top .NET developing companies worldwide because of its capability to address issues and design cutting-edge apps leveraging advanced technologies.

6. Paranet Solutions
Paranet Solutions is one of the leading .NET development firms in the United States. It is a well-known provider of IT services committed to giving its clients exceptional service and experience. Over the course of 29 years, they have delivered a broad range of solutions.

7. PixelCrayons
PixelCrayons is a leading software development company popularly known for delivering exceptional development services. It has a proven track record of developing unique web applications for startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and established corporations. The skilled staff at PixelCrayons develops custom and enterprise-level web apps and offers a variety of back-end services to customers all over the world.

8. Unidev
Unidev is a software development company headquartered in Missouri. The company provides many services, including .NET development, web design, enterprise development, web and software maintenance, and digital marketing. Unidev has been serving its target customers to achieve their organizational goals for over three decades.

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Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics software that requires expert management to ensure you achieve the best-desired results. Availing of professional support Power BI services can help minimize your troubles and ensure you achieve better business results.

But what are the main reasons to choose third-party Microsoft Power BI support services? How do you find one of the leading Power BI support providers for your business? You must know different aspects of Power BI Microsoft support services to achieve your desired business outcomes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do You Require Professional Power BI Support Services?
There are numerous reasons that highlight the need for professional Power BI support services, but here are a few major ones:

1. To streamline your Power BI solutions
2. Strengthen your data visualization and analysis capabilities
3. Expand your team
4. Optimize overall business operations
5. Increase profitability and revenue
6. Gain a competitive edge
7. Identify challenges and industry trends

How to Find the Right Power BI Support Service Provider for Your Business?
There are many ways to find Power BI support service providers, but to find the right and result-oriented providers, you must check if they meet the following requirements:

1. Check their experience
2. Focus on references
3. Compare services and pricing
4. Simple communication
5. Checking financial stability

Why Integrative System for Power BI support?
We, at Integrative Systems, have a professional team that can deliver your desired Power BI solutions and has the experience using different features and services Microsoft provides. Based on your business goals and requirements, our expert team can plan the best strategy for communication and managing your Power BI. Here are the top five reasons we are suitable for providing your end-to-end Power BI management support services.

1. Affordable solutions
2. A highly creative and experienced team
3. Guaranteed results delivered
4. Manage large business data sets

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Are you looking for the best custom software development Houston companies? Do you need help spotting one of the best custom software development companies in Houston? Out of hundreds of available options, it can be difficult for you to filter out the best for your business. But we have simplified the process for you.

Our team has selected all the top custom software development companies in Houston to help you finalize one for your business. Before we start with the top agencies’ shortlist, let’s understand the different factors you must look for in a company before associating with the team for your custom software development.

How do you select a dedicated custom software development company in Houston?
You must consider multiple factors before finalizing a reliable custom software development agency. Here are the top ones we have finalized:

1. Understand your requirements
2. Consider their past experience
3. Analyze customized quotes
4. Consider the customer experience
5. Ask for the rate of development
6. Check the technology stack

Top Custom Software Development Companies in Houston
1. Integrative Systems
2. Simublade
3. Vinnove
4. Informatics Commerce Inc.
5. Raven Digital
6. Headspring
7. Octaria Software Development
8. Goldenlink Digital
9. United Developers
10. Timbergrove Solutions, LLC

You can select any of these top custom software development service providers based on your budget and requirements to achieve your desired results.

Make a Wise Decision with Integrative Systems
These were our recommendations about the top 10 custom software development companies in Houston. To help you save time and effort, you can choose Integrative Systems as your associate to fulfill your custom software development requirements.

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Are you looking for professional Power BI development solutions? Do you need clarification about hiring an in-house certified Power BI developer or a third-party Power BI development partner? Well, before you make a final decision, there are many things you must be aware of about aspects to look out for before hiring Power BI services. From understanding different forms of Power BI services to learning about the challenges it can solve, let’s understand every aspect one by one.

What Is Power BI?
Microsoft states that Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool enabling non-technical users to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share datasets. The overall Power BI solutions offer multiple services and products that can solve your data visualization challenges.

Different Power BI Versions
1. Power BI Desktop
2. Power BI Report Server
3. Power BI Pro
4. Power BI Premium
5. Power BI Mobile
6. Power BI Embedded

Reasons to Use Power BI
Being an organization, you can utilize Power BI for great reporting and analytics power. It can also help you strengthen your data analysis approach. You can use Power BI to bypass Excel’s capabilities and explore new heights of business intelligence. Here are 7 reasons to use Power BI:

1. Easy management
2. Simple distribution and collaboration
3. Real-time updates
4. Utilize artificial intelligence
5. Cortana integration
6. Powerful security features
7. Excellent customizations

Why Choose us as your Power BI Development Partner?
1. Robust and quick analytics results
2. Domain experience
3. Effective reporting
4. Easy scalability and flexibility
5. Professionalism
6. Zero bottlenecks in problem-solving
7. Save time and effort in hiring

How to Choose the Best Power BI Development Partner?
Choosing the best can be time-consuming and hectic, but it’s important to find the best agency for managing your Power BI. Its alright even if its not us, you need these for your perusal.

1. Understand your requirements
2. Compare the prices
3. Understand the agency’s reputation
4. Setup the terms and conditions

We at Integrative Systems can help you with tailored Power BI solutions for achieving desired business results. Being a leading Power BI development service provider in the country, we understand your business requirements and needs.

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Integrative Systems has answered all the FAQs that CIOs/CTOs/Business Leaders have in their minds while choosing their technical partner. Let's get started.

1. Why should we choose your company?
22+ years old in the software development industry, Integrative is headquartered in Chicago and is trusted by its clientele Globally.

A. Focussed on Microsoft Solutions, and IBM iSeries platforms,
B. 250+ Experience & Certified IT Experts
C. Have delivered success to about 1150 projects to date
D. 85+ clients globally, who believed in us, and we helped them succeed first

2. What makes you better than your competitors?
We are very focused on doing “what we are good at” and saying “NO, to what we are not good at”. on understanding problems before we actually start working on solutions. And, we believe, this approach gives us an edge to understand our customer and their problems better.

3. Do you have an Office in our market/territory/region?
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois United States, Integrative also have an office in India. Integrative is a trusted software innovation partner for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies across North America and Canada region.

4. How Strong is your company? What kind of financial backing do you have?
Integrative, both US & India operations are 100% owner funded with no equity diluted. And this implies no pressure from venture capitalists or investors. This allows us the liberty to preserve our core values, stay flexible and adaptable, and extend and evolve to help our customers succeed.

5. Has the service been tested, verified, or certified by any independent organization?
Yes, they are. Integrative has been in business for more than 20+ years now. Working with 85+ clients across the globe has enabled Integrative an opportunity to mature in the processes that we follow and the standards that we abide by.

A. INC 5000
B. Microsoft Partners
C. IBM Silver Business Partner
D. Rated by Good Firms
E. Great Places to Work

6. Why shouldn’t you do it in-house?
Having an in-house software development team is a privilege have But to compete in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, we need a team that is agile, ever-responsive to customer needs, and constantly upgrading itself – and we have mastered this with our proprietary ISM – Integrated Sourcing Model.

7. Our business is different, how can this solution work in our business?
Yes, it will! Because the solution will be tailor-made to solve your unique business problem. We, at Integrative, understand that not all business challenges can be generalized and resolved through predefined solutions/services. Our IT experts always care to dwell on the details of the business case you share. Understand and help you identify the uncertainties and repercussions of different approaches to solving the problem.

8. I question your figures; can they really be achieved? Can the benefits be substantiated?
We understand it’s hard to believe figures when they appear too good to be true. But, we have something to break to you that may leave you spellbound. Let’s look at our number first:

A. 20+ Years in service
B. 85+ clients across the globe
C. Delivered success to 1150+ projects
D. 250+ experienced & certified IT experts
E. 70% growth
F. Made it to INC 5000, three times in a row with an average of 50% year-on-year growth

With those numbers to advocate and the expertise that we claim to have, here is something that consolidates it all at once.

9. What is the return on investment?
An investment in a business solution will always reap positive ROI if done right. The return on investment varies for each project and is largely categorized depending on the following factors:

A. Type of Project – Building from Scratch/Modernize/Upgrade
B. Business Objectives discussed and included in the Scope of Work
C. Factual Parameters like – System Performance, Operational Efficiency, etc.
D. Investment Metric across the benefits promised

10. Is there a possibility of a Proof of Concept/Pilot?
To be apt – Yes! Team Integrative breathes technology and is always in the quest for innovation. If you have a concept and you are thinking of building a solution, Integrative can be your perfect technology partner who can take you from concept to solution.

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