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To date, ASP .NET has no record of letting down its many customers who still use it. The reason? Why, of course, it offers tons of benefits, such as reliability, code reusability, and interoperability, not only for software developers but also for tech businesses.

.NET is a versatile platform, supporting over 60 programming languages and various software development methodologies. Therefore, choosing the appropriate .NET development company to collaborate with is essential for your business in order to avail the services you desire. Nevertheless, despite the fact that all dot NET companies compete for the patronage and attention of prospective customers, not all of them provide top-notch services.

Now, choosing one among so many options can turn out to be a daunting task, and we certainly don’t want that, do we? But the question still remains: which one to choose? To streamline your selection process, we have shortlisted the top .NET development companies that have mastered the art of creating robust mobile and web-based applications.

Let’s dive in!

List of Top 12 ASP.NET Development Companies

1. Integrative Systems
Integrative Systems, a leading provider of .NET development services in the USA, was founded in the year 2001. Their headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, and they serve clients across Canada and the United States. Additionally, the software development company has an overseas branch in Maharashtra, India.

At the moment, Integrative Systems has more than 250 qualified personnel with diverse skill sets. They have over 20 years of experience in the .NET development industry and can assist you in turning your product blueprint into reality.

2. Ignitho Technologies
Ignitho Technologies, founded in 2013, is one of the top NET development companies in the United States. They offer software solutions to clients all over the world for Android and iOS platforms.

3. SphereGen Technologies
SphereGen Technologies is a cutting-edge software and application development firm that offers top-quality, mission-critical solutions that are also cost-effective. It also offers its clients consulting services and solutions for custom software development.

4. PicNet
PicNet is the appropriate choice if you are considering implementing technology to increase efficiency, cut costs, minimize risk, and expand progressively. It is a Microsoft .NET development firm with expertise in Angular, React, Python, and IoT, situated in Sydney. Since its founding in 2001, PicNet has provided IT services to various industries.

5. Blitzm Systems
Blitzm Systems is another top .NET development company that can serve as either your remote or on-site development team. They have offices in Richmond, Melbourne. The business has earned a spot among the top .NET developing companies worldwide because of its capability to address issues and design cutting-edge apps leveraging advanced technologies.

6. Paranet Solutions
Paranet Solutions is one of the leading .NET development firms in the United States. It is a well-known provider of IT services committed to giving its clients exceptional service and experience. Over the course of 29 years, they have delivered a broad range of solutions.

7. PixelCrayons
PixelCrayons is a leading software development company popularly known for delivering exceptional development services. It has a proven track record of developing unique web applications for startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and established corporations. The skilled staff at PixelCrayons develops custom and enterprise-level web apps and offers a variety of back-end services to customers all over the world.

8. Unidev
Unidev is a software development company headquartered in Missouri. The company provides many services, including .NET development, web design, enterprise development, web and software maintenance, and digital marketing. Unidev has been serving its target customers to achieve their organizational goals for over three decades.

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Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics software that requires expert management to ensure you achieve the best-desired results. Availing of professional support Power BI services can help minimize your troubles and ensure you achieve better business results.

But what are the main reasons to choose third-party Microsoft Power BI support services? How do you find one of the leading Power BI support providers for your business? You must know different aspects of Power BI Microsoft support services to achieve your desired business outcomes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do You Require Professional Power BI Support Services?
There are numerous reasons that highlight the need for professional Power BI support services, but here are a few major ones:

1. To streamline your Power BI solutions
2. Strengthen your data visualization and analysis capabilities
3. Expand your team
4. Optimize overall business operations
5. Increase profitability and revenue
6. Gain a competitive edge
7. Identify challenges and industry trends

How to Find the Right Power BI Support Service Provider for Your Business?
There are many ways to find Power BI support service providers, but to find the right and result-oriented providers, you must check if they meet the following requirements:

1. Check their experience
2. Focus on references
3. Compare services and pricing
4. Simple communication
5. Checking financial stability

Why Integrative System for Power BI support?
We, at Integrative Systems, have a professional team that can deliver your desired Power BI solutions and has the experience using different features and services Microsoft provides. Based on your business goals and requirements, our expert team can plan the best strategy for communication and managing your Power BI. Here are the top five reasons we are suitable for providing your end-to-end Power BI management support services.

1. Affordable solutions
2. A highly creative and experienced team
3. Guaranteed results delivered
4. Manage large business data sets

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Are you looking for the best custom software development Houston companies? Do you need help spotting one of the best custom software development companies in Houston? Out of hundreds of available options, it can be difficult for you to filter out the best for your business. But we have simplified the process for you.

Our team has selected all the top custom software development companies in Houston to help you finalize one for your business. Before we start with the top agencies’ shortlist, let’s understand the different factors you must look for in a company before associating with the team for your custom software development.

How do you select a dedicated custom software development company in Houston?
You must consider multiple factors before finalizing a reliable custom software development agency. Here are the top ones we have finalized:

1. Understand your requirements
2. Consider their past experience
3. Analyze customized quotes
4. Consider the customer experience
5. Ask for the rate of development
6. Check the technology stack

Top Custom Software Development Companies in Houston
1. Integrative Systems
2. Simublade
3. Vinnove
4. Informatics Commerce Inc.
5. Raven Digital
6. Headspring
7. Octaria Software Development
8. Goldenlink Digital
9. United Developers
10. Timbergrove Solutions, LLC

You can select any of these top custom software development service providers based on your budget and requirements to achieve your desired results.

Make a Wise Decision with Integrative Systems
These were our recommendations about the top 10 custom software development companies in Houston. To help you save time and effort, you can choose Integrative Systems as your associate to fulfill your custom software development requirements.

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Are you looking for professional Power BI development solutions? Do you need clarification about hiring an in-house certified Power BI developer or a third-party Power BI development partner? Well, before you make a final decision, there are many things you must be aware of about aspects to look out for before hiring Power BI services. From understanding different forms of Power BI services to learning about the challenges it can solve, let’s understand every aspect one by one.

What Is Power BI?
Microsoft states that Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool enabling non-technical users to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share datasets. The overall Power BI solutions offer multiple services and products that can solve your data visualization challenges.

Different Power BI Versions
1. Power BI Desktop
2. Power BI Report Server
3. Power BI Pro
4. Power BI Premium
5. Power BI Mobile
6. Power BI Embedded

Reasons to Use Power BI
Being an organization, you can utilize Power BI for great reporting and analytics power. It can also help you strengthen your data analysis approach. You can use Power BI to bypass Excel’s capabilities and explore new heights of business intelligence. Here are 7 reasons to use Power BI:

1. Easy management
2. Simple distribution and collaboration
3. Real-time updates
4. Utilize artificial intelligence
5. Cortana integration
6. Powerful security features
7. Excellent customizations

Why Choose us as your Power BI Development Partner?
1. Robust and quick analytics results
2. Domain experience
3. Effective reporting
4. Easy scalability and flexibility
5. Professionalism
6. Zero bottlenecks in problem-solving
7. Save time and effort in hiring

How to Choose the Best Power BI Development Partner?
Choosing the best can be time-consuming and hectic, but it’s important to find the best agency for managing your Power BI. Its alright even if its not us, you need these for your perusal.

1. Understand your requirements
2. Compare the prices
3. Understand the agency’s reputation
4. Setup the terms and conditions

We at Integrative Systems can help you with tailored Power BI solutions for achieving desired business results. Being a leading Power BI development service provider in the country, we understand your business requirements and needs.

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Integrative Systems has answered all the FAQs that CIOs/CTOs/Business Leaders have in their minds while choosing their technical partner. Let's get started.

1. Why should we choose your company?
22+ years old in the software development industry, Integrative is headquartered in Chicago and is trusted by its clientele Globally.

A. Focussed on Microsoft Solutions, and IBM iSeries platforms,
B. 250+ Experience & Certified IT Experts
C. Have delivered success to about 1150 projects to date
D. 85+ clients globally, who believed in us, and we helped them succeed first

2. What makes you better than your competitors?
We are very focused on doing “what we are good at” and saying “NO, to what we are not good at”. on understanding problems before we actually start working on solutions. And, we believe, this approach gives us an edge to understand our customer and their problems better.

3. Do you have an Office in our market/territory/region?
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois United States, Integrative also have an office in India. Integrative is a trusted software innovation partner for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies across North America and Canada region.

4. How Strong is your company? What kind of financial backing do you have?
Integrative, both US & India operations are 100% owner funded with no equity diluted. And this implies no pressure from venture capitalists or investors. This allows us the liberty to preserve our core values, stay flexible and adaptable, and extend and evolve to help our customers succeed.

5. Has the service been tested, verified, or certified by any independent organization?
Yes, they are. Integrative has been in business for more than 20+ years now. Working with 85+ clients across the globe has enabled Integrative an opportunity to mature in the processes that we follow and the standards that we abide by.

A. INC 5000
B. Microsoft Partners
C. IBM Silver Business Partner
D. Rated by Good Firms
E. Great Places to Work

6. Why shouldn’t you do it in-house?
Having an in-house software development team is a privilege have But to compete in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, we need a team that is agile, ever-responsive to customer needs, and constantly upgrading itself – and we have mastered this with our proprietary ISM – Integrated Sourcing Model.

7. Our business is different, how can this solution work in our business?
Yes, it will! Because the solution will be tailor-made to solve your unique business problem. We, at Integrative, understand that not all business challenges can be generalized and resolved through predefined solutions/services. Our IT experts always care to dwell on the details of the business case you share. Understand and help you identify the uncertainties and repercussions of different approaches to solving the problem.

8. I question your figures; can they really be achieved? Can the benefits be substantiated?
We understand it’s hard to believe figures when they appear too good to be true. But, we have something to break to you that may leave you spellbound. Let’s look at our number first:

A. 20+ Years in service
B. 85+ clients across the globe
C. Delivered success to 1150+ projects
D. 250+ experienced & certified IT experts
E. 70% growth
F. Made it to INC 5000, three times in a row with an average of 50% year-on-year growth

With those numbers to advocate and the expertise that we claim to have, here is something that consolidates it all at once.

9. What is the return on investment?
An investment in a business solution will always reap positive ROI if done right. The return on investment varies for each project and is largely categorized depending on the following factors:

A. Type of Project – Building from Scratch/Modernize/Upgrade
B. Business Objectives discussed and included in the Scope of Work
C. Factual Parameters like – System Performance, Operational Efficiency, etc.
D. Investment Metric across the benefits promised

10. Is there a possibility of a Proof of Concept/Pilot?
To be apt – Yes! Team Integrative breathes technology and is always in the quest for innovation. If you have a concept and you are thinking of building a solution, Integrative can be your perfect technology partner who can take you from concept to solution.

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My legacy system works just fine. What is the need for IBMi modernization? My legacy system is reliable. Why is there a need to modernize it? We often hear our customers preach about how their legacy IBMi AS400 system is in great condition and why it doesn’t need an upgrade. But, it’s our job to make them aware of the problems that may cross their paths in the near future.

Are you a proud IBMi user? This one is for you.

What are the challenges of the legacy system?
1. My system extends pathetic customer experience
2. My System is exposed to security threats
3. My current development team/partner lacks the technical expertise
4. I am unsure that the current system will support the scalability metric
5. My current system lacks Data Control and Management
6. I am worried that I might lose the competitive edge and the current market share

What should I know before I approach an IBMi Modernization Company?

What are the current business challenges and possible solutions? IBMi Modernization isn’t a “One size fits all” approach, you need to understand this first. Agreed that you are going to rope in the best-in-class IBMi modernization company to do the job for you. If you are fortunate enough, you will also be able to land a firm that carries domain expertise in your field of work.

However, they aren’t acquainted with the system that you are using as you do. No one, believe us no one knows your current system better than you and your users. Going further, if you want them to understand your system and then figure out the possible solutions, it’s going to eat up more time and budget for sure.

So, what can be done in this case? It’s always better to have first-hand insights in place before you call upon IBMi modernization.

What infrastructure, applications, and services need improvement?
IBMi modernization doesn’t mean revamping the whole setup! A lot of leaders often think of it as an end-to-end revamp and defer IBMi modernization till the system fails. And, to be honest, this costs you 10 times more than the actual modernization. What we are underlining here is the fact that IBMi modernization is all about an upgrade, to make the system function better. It could be an application, a service, or a hardware component.

What security concerns are to be addressed through the IBMi Modernization Process?
1. What is the total number of system users who have access to critical data?
2. Is the data accessibility being tracked to avoid unwanted data breaches?
3. Is there a security provision to combat data attacks?
4. How many active user accounts are there? Are these accounts administrated actively?
5. Is there a security measure to combat malware vulnerabilities?

How does Integrative help you achieve a smoother IBMi Modernization?

In its 20 years of service, Integrative has always prioritized its customers’ success and does it even today with pride. Let’s understand the Integrative Approach.
1. Assess the legacy system for challenges and opportunities to improvise
2. Discuss the Scope & Priority
3. Develop a plan for End-to-End IBMi Modernization
4. Implementation & Data Migration
5. Test the Performance of the System post-IBMi Modernization
6. Support & Maintenance

IBMi modernization is an audacious move in itself. Considering the volume of data that you are sitting on and the legacy system that you are using, it’s indeed dreadful to think of a change.

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Microsoft provides companies with a huge range of tools and services that aid in sustaining and enhancing efficiency. However, when it comes to achieving success, one of the most critical factors is knowing how to use each of these resources. Working with companies that specialize in Microsoft consulting services ensures that you leverage tools as efficiently as possible.

Let’s understand what exactly Microsoft consulting services are, how they can benefit your business, and which Microsoft tools you can get consultation services for.

What Are Microsoft Consulting Services?
Microsoft consulting services (MCS) are agreements that are project-based for the provision of services associated with the planning, development, and implementation of solutions that increase the value that clients get from their investments in Microsoft IT. These agreements include services in digital strategy, planning, upgrades, architecture, migration, implementation, software development, and data insight solutions, all based on Microsoft products and technology.  Microsoft Consulting Services are provided by consultants and digital advisors.

What Are the Duties of a Microsoft Consultant?
1. Documenting the needs, aims, and aspirations of clients after conducting interviews with them
2. Searching for new business prospects by conducting research on relevant technology, market trends, and industry advancements
3. Taking charge of initiatives from beginning to end, including planning, organizing, and managing budget
4. Advising clients on matters such as software solutions, computer hardware, networks and connectivity, security, and disaster recovery planning
5. Making development plans that outline important steps in the procedure
6. Reviewing current systems to evaluate their safety and reliability and detect any potential security vulnerabilities
7. Recommending new methods or technology that could increase operational efficiency or effectiveness
8. Preparing reports on findings and delivering them to management

Benefits of Hiring Microsoft Professional Services for Your Business
1. Leverages Microsoft technology to resolve business challenges
2. Access to Microsoft product technology experts
3. Utilize Microsoft’s cloud-based applications and services
4. Provides flexible consultation options
5. Offers exceptional customer service
6. Uses custom app development

Microsoft Consulting Services | List of Technologies
1. Microsoft Power Platform
2. Microsoft Power Apps
3. Microsoft Power Automate
4. Microsoft Power BI
5. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
6. Microsoft 365
7. Microsoft SharePoint
8. Microsoft Teams
9. Microsoft SQL Server
10. ETL Development
11. Azure SQL
12. Business Intelligence
13. SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS
14. Microsoft Development
15. Microsoft Azure DevOps
16. .NET Development
17. Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
18. Windows Server Administration

Microsoft is recognized as one of the pioneering software companies in the world, offering a wide range of products and services. Therefore, there’s something for everyone, and Integrative Systems has you covered. If you’re looking for Microsoft products that you wish to leverage to meet your business requirements, Integrative Systems is undoubtedly where you’ll find them.

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Nowadays, technology can be found in nearly every aspect of our lives.
People check for reviews and want to learn more about your company or decide whether the service you provide is worthwhile before purchasing your merchandise. Therefore, building a website or software application is the right strategy to promote your business, draw in new clients, and deepen your relationship with existing ones.

But in order to build such applications or websites, you must hire a dedicated net developer. Let’s understand the roles and responsibilities of a dot NET developer, the benefit of hiring them, and how to find them.

What Is the Role of a Dedicated ASP .NET Developer?
The following are the standard roles and responsibilities of a dedicated .NET developer:

1. Building top-tier software applications and optimizing the functionality of the existing applications
2. Collaborating with front-end dedicated software developers to build an intuitive user interface
3. Assisting software development experts in managing project-related tasks
4. Designing and creating software application layers
5. Collaborating with in-house team members to design, build, and, later, manage the software
6. Writing functional code for software development while keeping an eye out for bugs and other vulnerabilities
7. Keeping up with the best practices, latest programming concepts, industry trends, and terminologies
8. Using dot NET programming languages to write scalable, clean code
9. Developing interfaces, technical specifications, and architecture
10. Building client displays
11. Building and testing prototypes of software applications

What Are the Necessary Skills a Dot NET Developer Must Possess?
1. Ability to read and understand code written by someone else
2. Basic Transact-SQL skills
3. Understanding of basic structures, basic algorithms, and system calculus. In other words, the dedicated software developer must have basic programming skills
4. Knowledge of object-oriented programming
5. A decent level of communication skills and proficiency in the English language. If you need to hire dot NET developers, ensure that they can read technical documentation in English
6. Understanding of databases
7. Perfect knowledge of the C# programming language, as it is the primary language used in the .NET framework

Advantages of Recruiting Dedicated .NET Developers for Your Development Project
1. Bespoke dot NET software
2. Fewer syntax errors
3. Simplified deployment of software applications
4. Technical support and top-notch service
5. Cost-efficiency and time saving
6. Tech-savvy workforce
7. Cloud computing
8. Focus on the critical aspects
9. Desirable outcome
10. Excellent communication skills

How to Hire a Dedicated NET Developer?
1. Create a job posting
2. Locate dedicated dot NET developers
3. Outsource .NET development
4. Reduced costs
5. Flexible work progress

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Automation in Power BI can minimize the efforts in sending bulk reports and converting a Power BI file into multiple formats for data analysis. By automating Power BI reports, you can improve your business productivity and decision-making time.

So, what is automated reporting? What are the benefits if you automate Power BI? Why do you need to use automation in Power BI?

Let’s find out.

What Is Automated Reporting?
Reporting automation delivers reports that cover business information at predetermined intervals to save time and effort. Automated reporting helps to generate different business reports based on your needs. An enterprise-level BI and reporting help you plan, initiate, and disseminate reports. A planned report could be sent out weekly, on Tuesdays, at 10 a.m. Every week. You can use Power BI automation to create well-vetted reports without manual efforts to make informed business decisions.

Benefits of Power BI Automated Reporting
1. Saves your time and money
2. Productivity and teamwork
3. Better decisions
4. Transparency
5. Improved timelines

How to Set Up Automated Reporting in Microsoft Power BI?
A. You can use Power BI Robots, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution that was recently released.

B. It enables you to plan and send Power BI reports to anybody, anywhere, at any time, and from any location.

C. You can install the Power BI Robots desktop representative and click Create on the Playlist option.

D. A playlist is a collection of Power BI reports or dashboards that you can share anywhere, usually via email.

E. Next, on the General Tab, you should:
a. Name the playlist
b. Set the right screen size
c. Set the screen-captures repetition
d. Select Email on the Send to bar
e. Select the screenshot output format, such as PDF or image

Why Does Effective Power BI Reporting Require Professional Company Support?
1. Expertise in Power BI automated reporting
2. Professionalism
3. Transparency and security

How Can Integrative Systems Help with Power BI Automated Reporting?
We, at Integrative Systems, have a talented team to deliver you tailored Power BI automated reporting solutions. Our tailored Power BI management helps you unlock your desired business outcomes. Being the country’s best Power BI consultation service providers, we understand your requirements and needs. Based on your reporting requirements and goals, our expert team can plan the best suitable path for unlocking your business potential.

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Are you using Power BI for your business data visualization? Or are you looking to integrate Power BI into your business ecosystem for your business and data analytics solutions? Whatever the scenario, you must know different Power BI challenges to ensure you bypass the troubles with finesse. So, what are the different Power BI challenges? How can you overcome them? And what’s the permanent solution to tackle the Power BI challenges for your business?

Let’s find out.

Major Power BI Challenges
You can face multiple Power BI challenges during integration or while using Power BI for creating and managing detailed business reports for better analysis. But here are the major challenges that can hinder your business growth and utilization of Power BI’s potential.

1. Different source systems data integration
2. Poor data quality
3. Issues with siloes breaking
4. Learnings and training required
5. Managing the use of Power BI
6. Low adoption of BI tools
7. Inefficient data visualization and dashboard practices
8. Using Power BI to create a data-driven culture

Managing these challenges at different stages of using Power BI can be overwhelming. You should focus on using excellent Power BI consulting services from professionals to shift your focus to your core business operations.

How Can Power BI Consulting Help You?
A Power BI consultant can handle different Power BI aspects for your business. Have a look:

• Power BI project consulting
A professional Power BI consulting firm offers in-depth Power BI project consultation based on your business’s scenario and future goals.

• Power BI support
They can provide you with reliable Power BI support to assist you in minimizing multiple issues or troubles handling business analytics.

• Power BI workforce training
The consulting firm can provide you with professional training for your workforce to simplify the adoption of Power BI into your business ecosystem.

• Power BI report design
You get detailed reports to improve your business decisions and understand the data effectively.

Choosing the best Power BI consulting firm can be overwhelming. But to simplify the process, you can choose Integrative System to get the best Power BI consulting and support services for your enterprise.

Choosing Integrative Systems for Power BI Consulting
We at Integrative Systems can help you utilize the potential of Power BI so you can achieve better results. As one of the country’s best Power BI consulting firms, we understand your business needs and requirements. Our strategies, training services, and data-driven Power BI management focus on delivering your organization’s best Power BI outcomes.

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