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Partnering with a third-party vendor for projects that require short-term human capital makes financial sense. Finding a great partner can be a challenge. A Google search for dot net consulting companies results in an overwhelming number of results. It is important to avoid a vendor whose main mission is to serve as a body provider; you want a partner that shares your values and is willing to share your risks and rewards. You want a partner with a development team expertise to deliver solutions you need when you need them, prudently manages your budget, and takes great pride in what they deliver.

If you put in the effort and find such a partner, the benefits will pay huge dividends. You will have quickly expanded your company’s ability to deliver product to market more quickly and effectively as your partner becomes an extension of your company and development team.

Some Key factors in choosing a partner

  • Outline your needs and expectations; do they meet them.
  • What is their development methodology?
  • What is their expertise – no one company can be everything to everyone
  • Talk to their leadership and development teams
  • Ask tough questions – failed projects and partnerships, pricing, resource planning
  • Ask for and call on their references
  • Look for red flags – do you feel any hesitation?
  • Is the partner aligned with your values and philosophy?


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IBM AS400 iSeries in Banking Sector

The IBM AS400 iSeries system has the world’s most diverse portfolio for banking solutions. It offers unparalleled freedom to bank executives for choosing the best applications for their banking needs.

IBM AS400 provides integrated, secure capabilities to help banks grow cost-effectively. IBM AS400 is meant to streamline banking infrastructure and operations, so banks can save money and invest in expanding themselves in the industry. This blog from Integrative Systems explains why IBM AS400 iSeries is a unique system to run banking solutions. We have written this blog for bank executives and other IT experts in the banking sector looking for an extraordinary solution to solve banking challenges.

IBM iSeries solved lots of challenges for banks, such as – driving down business costs, increasing revenue, addressing government regulations and business continuity. Today, the banking industry is facing a lot of challenges collectively, and those challenges are causing a huge hurdle in the banking business.

The IBM AS400 system is savior, as it is helps banks maintain their complex business demands within a streamlined business environment. IBM iSeries is well known for its security, and in comparison, to other available options, the safety of AS400 is easy to implement and manage. With IBM AS400 on-board, banks can secure their business records, client data, and transactions against inside and outside breaches. The technology will prevent customer data tampering and will also reduce the risk of fraud – which is the most important operational aspect for a bank.

How IBM AS400 iSeries Address the Challenges of the Banking Sector?

IBM AS400 iSeries are specially designed with all necessary modules like operating system, hardware, security, storage, and middleware to support a bank process. All the modules are thoroughly tested, and IBM ensures that all the functions work seamlessly and cohesively before releasing them into the market for bank use.

IBM has an extensive group of independent software vendors that provide AS400 solutions. Moreover, the reliability and security of IBM systems are well known, and that is why 16000+ banks worldwide rely on IBM AS400 iSeries for their business process. The reason behind this overall success is unmatched support from IBM to the banks.

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From our previous blogs, you must know the history of IBM AS400 systems and their own OS/400. Today’s AS/400 is known as the IBM iSeries, and it is used not only by medium-sized organizations, but many Fortune 500 companies also use it.

AS/400 is well known for its robustness, reliability, scalability, and security. Also, the IBM AS400 iSeries can store valuable information and core business logic in large volumes. Today, however, data becomes the key driver for business intelligence, and the demand to integrate the AS400 system (Green Screen) with other technologies has arisen. Organizations are looking to modernize the IBM AS400 application and make it better and more user-friendly. Furthermore, various surveys show that users are not happy with the outdated interface. The lack of automated features is one of the fundamental reasons organizations invest and upgrade their legacy applications.

While the hardware cost may not be an issue for various organizations, as TCO will be reduced up to 35% after migration, but AS/400 migration to new OS can be a stressful experience.

Process of Migration

The process of migration consists of various tasks. Data extraction of the source system, transformation, validation, and loading of final data in the destination system. Have a look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Planning is the initial stage of migration. It includes identifying stakeholders, analyzing the source and destination, and deciding the most appropriate tools to be used.
  2. Analysis and design are the next stages in which business users perform a detailed evaluations to define the needed actions to be carried out.
  3. Implementation is the essential phase of the migration process, and it is responsible for extracting, transforming, and validating.
  4. Migration is the last phase where source files are moved to the destination, and the project is handed over to key business users.

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Hiring a consultant company can help you improve business performance and help you to achieve success.

  • A consulting company can help you overcome business challenges and increase revenue.
  • Before choosing a consulting firm, make sure to check their experience and projects they have completed successfully in the past.
  • Also, remember, the pricing policy of consulting firms may vary, depending upon the requirements.

IBM AS400 consulting firms help organizations like yours to improve their performance and efficiency. The consulting firm professionals analyze your businesses and suggest solutions that can help companies achieve their goals. Organizations should consider hiring consulting firms when they need help or a catalyst for change in their current setup.

5 Important Tips While Choosing a Consultant

Entrepreneurs are independent risk-takers by nature compared to small business owners, as they will not ask for help when needed. Entrepreneurs who have started a company; it is like their baby, and they know how to raise it.

However, it is normal if they do not know everything about managing a business. Sometimes, it makes sense to consult others about the same, but how will you decide who is right for your business? When choosing a consultant, follow these five tips:

1. Unimpeachable Character

The first tip, an effective consultant must be a company with high values. They must be the consummate professional and must be willing to put the client’s interest ahead of their own.
For example, they must have the guts to say what the client wants to hear instead of saying something by sugar-coating. The consulting company must care about their clients deeply.

2. Solid Experience

A perfect consulting company must have a similar experience with the challenges you face as a client. They may not be familiar with your company specifically, but they should be familiar with your service industry quite well. What an IBM AS400 consulting company brings to the table is addressing the issues you are facing.

3. Creative Problem-solving Approach

As a client, you must be wishing to engage with an outstanding problem-solving company. After all, you are looking to hire a consultant to solve business problems. The successful consulting company must have outstanding analytical skills to synthesize their thoughts and practices and then conclude. They should be an imaginative, creative and effective learner.

4. Outstanding Business Communication

A good AS400 consulting company must be articulated. They should possess strong business communications, both internally and externally. No matter how innovative AS/400 consulting company you choose, they will not be able to help you until their team cannot fully understand the issues you are facing.

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Like many other businesses, are you also worried about the future of IBM iSeries after IBM discontinued the services of IBM PM400?

If yes! We can suggest you a better option. But before that, you must be aware of the importance of IBM PM400 so that you can compare it with other available options and develop a better understanding.

Do You Know What is IBM PM400?

IBM PM400 or Performance Management System is an easy to use, dynamic, and capacity-planning tool. It’s a way for customers to share their data with IBM Power Systems to be analyzed.

IBM PM400 includes a set of reports and graphs that allow businesses to analyze performance without investing too much time that was previously wasted in data collection and report preparation.

IBM Discontinued PM400

Last year in September, IBM had discontinued the services of Performance Management for Power Systems. This was a huge setback for various business owners as many managed service providers (MSPs) and business partners relied on IBM PM400 for historical data collection and reporting across their software.

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Suppose you are running a business in this modern world. In that case, sooner or later, you will face a situation where you need custom software development services to make your business operations faster and fulfill customer requirements efficiently. It’s tough for a company to decide whether they need to have a custom software solution onboard or a readymade solution that will work for them. Let’s discuss the possibilities and benefits in detail.

Standard Software

You are already familiar with software like MS-office, SugarCRM, and Vtiger, and undoubtedly, these products have a proven track record in their fields as per business requirements. Also, standard software like this is responsible for saving you lots of precious money. By installing the readymade software, you’ll gain access to essential business management tools. Moreover, you’ll also get some additional plug-ins for integration with other software. Standard software is “good to go” if your requirements are limited. On the other hand, you’ll notice that you’ll need to have a customized solution onboard with increasing demands.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Customized Software?

Custom software development services can benefit your business in the following conditions:

  • If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the market.
  • If you’re going to grow your business to the highest level and grow enough to cover the cost of custom software.

Although the development of custom software is expensive compared to buying readymade software, the investment will be worth it. Also, don’t forget that the result of any custom software will require substantial resources, time, and patience.

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Before moving to the benefits of outsourcing, let us start with some basic terms. Do you know what software outsourcing means?
Well, the term implies – “when a business delegates its custom software development projects to another third-party company, it is known as outsourcing.”

Advantages of Custom Software Development Outsourcing

1- Skilled Workforce

Custom software development outsourcing gives the ability to an organization to gain access to highly skilled software professionals. Outsourcing simply means you are free to choose the best custom software development company from the market to fulfill your company’s needs. Workforce recruitment, training, upscaling is a difficult task, and by merely outsourcing your needs, you will be able to find the best developers and designers.

2- Emphasizing on Core Business

R&D is the core of many business work models. As we are in a highly advanced tech era, companies should focus on strengthening the core business strategies. It can be difficult for many organizations to manage both internal business operations and software development. Outsourcing your requirements to third-party custom software development companies can be an excellent way for organizations to emphasize their core business.

3- Cost Saver

Outsourcing your custom software development requirements is an excellent way for organizations to reduce business operations costs. An outsourcing company may be located in another part of the world, but they will get your work done at a reduced price without compromising quality. Organizations cutting their costs in half is one of the most significant benefits of custom software development outsourcing.



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Is your business facing market challenges, due to which you find it difficult to focus on crucial initiatives – losing precious time and in turn money? You have come to the realization that you need software applications developed and implemented to solve your particular problems? You keep trying many off-the-shelf software products but none of them seem to work for your specific business needs?

We can, out of our extensive experience, tell you that it is challenging and unrealistic to find an existing product in the market that would fit your requirement like a glove. And if you do find, it would alleviate your problem to some extent but can never resolve it completely.

Hence, custom software!

Secondly, we understand you are tired by now of collaborating with .Net development companies who keep promising you the world and then charge you the earth and a half for second-grade services.

So, to make things easier for you, we thought of listing down the top 20 .Net development companies you could turn to for getting your custom software developed or you could partner with us for all your .Net development needs.

The 20 companies given below carry years of brilliant experience in .Net development and can work from off-shore, on-shore, and near-shore sites. They provide services like web application development, desktop application development, eCommerce application development and various other types custom applications on the .Net framework.


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Due to several name changes, confusion has persisted that AS400 and IBMi are the same things. And this confusion between AS400 software and IBMi has been a significant growth obstacle for enterprises in the market considering IBM technology. Both are like two different fruits or in technical terms it’s like comparing hardware to software. AS400 software is the physical server developed by IBM in 1980s, and IBMi is the latest OS for today’s version of AS400, i.e., IBM Power Systems.

The IBM iSeries software running on the operating system/400 has a long history. And with the long history come several terms and terminology that tend to be “sticky.” And the event is not uncommon. Most of us have minicomputer in our pockets that we call smartphones, though today’s phones hold little similarity to the old generation stationary rotary phone. Today we might call electrical burners as stove, but they have gone through a total evolutionary in those decades and reached here from the original cast-iron stoves. But we still use and misuse (sometimes) the names of several products in our daily life.

Similar is the case with AS400 software and IBMi. Even in the IT sector, many people believe that these are two different iterations of the same technology. But the truth is that they refer to very other things, which has caused a lot of confusion. This confusion between as400 software and iSeries software has been a falling block to digital transformation for enterprises in the market considering IBM technology.



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From a midsize organization to large manufacturers, retailers, and banks, many organizations use IBM AS400 for their smooth business operations. Furthermore, you can also find IBM AS400 in government institutions. Everyone is using AS/400, but at some points, they are concerned about the future, as IBM keeps making changes continuously. Read the blog to the end, and you will understand what the future of AS400 holds for you.

Who’s using IBMi?

It’s tough to estimate the actual number of IBMi users, but according to IBM’s previous calculation, around 120,000 organizations were using IBM AS400. If we assume that the yearly base of IBMi users is shrinking at the rate of 3% annually, the figures set around 110,000 organizations using the software. Integrative Systems is one of the silver business partners of IBM, and you can go through the website to know how we are helping IBM AS/400 users with our services.

The Demography and Geography of IBM AS400 Installation

IBM has broken its marketing cap into two main camps, i.e., large companies with more than 1000 employees and small and medium-sized companies with less than 1000 employees.

According to IBM – “30% of IBM AS400 clients are large companies and 70% business comes from small and medium-sized companies.” (IBM report, 2016)

According to the IBM, AS400 Strategy and Roadmap Report of 2016 – the IBM installation base is changing rapidly, and 70% of its business came from North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

In 2019, this percentage changed, and the number increased to 80%.

This data clearly shows that the market expansion is boosting sales, and in countries like Japan, which is the largest market for IBM AS400, organizations are spending millions on this platform.