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You might think about the future of machine learning and the .NET framework together. In the present scenario, the future of the combined power of ML and .NET looks brighter than ever. With the world switching towards a powerful and effective AI-era, .NET web apps and software need an extra edge provided by machine learning that can reach the next level.

The use of machine learning in .NET web apps and software enhances the capabilities of the applications and adds a modern layer of artificial intelligence to them. Both the technologies will grow side by side and can be used together to achieve better results and outcomes.

With continuous updates and tweaks by Microsoft in the .NET ecosystem, the time is near when ML.NET will become the industry standard for different enterprise-application ML integrations.ML.NET will expand in the future and provide the .NET developers with more chances to contribute to the artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem. As an early adopter of the technology shift, you can explore the benefits of machine learning in .NET apps and software and stand out from your competitors.

The increased dependency on machine learning and the .NET framework must be tackled professionally if your organization needs to futureproof. You need to integrate modern machine learning in your .NET-based web apps and software that can help you get an extra edge in the industry. But you need a professional team of .NET developers that can help you provide excellent .NET development solutions that enable the integration of machine learning into the existing .NET framework.

Hiring and building your in-house team can be tiring and costly, but you can choose to outsource your requirements to a professional DOT NET development company.

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Have you been wanting an ASP NET programmer for hire to work on your CMS projects?

If so, you need to know about the top ASP.NET CMS platforms first.

If you run an online business that deals with a variety of content, you might have various options to pick from.

However, there are several Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today. Each has its own set of unique and useful capabilities that aid in website development, management, and collaboration.

CMS enables you to work perfectly in every department, from sales to marketing, administration, and human resources.

But now, the question is how you will determine which ASP.NET CMS platform is the best fit for your company.

Hence, to help you with this situation, we have curated a list of the top five ASP .NET CMS platforms.

This comprehensive list will help you determine which is the best fit for your online business company.

But, before that, let us make you understand why you need a CMS.

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Finding the right  ASP DOT NET development services can be a hassle for business organizations because of the limited number of quality developers available in the industry.

Also, there has been increasing demand in the DOT NET development industry, limiting your chances of hiring the best talent to manage your applications and web ecosystem.

But that doesn’t mean you stop looking for DOT NET development services that can help you manage your application and business data.

Because the programming language promises great reliability, robustness, and security, you need to explore the options of hiring ASP programmers or choosing ASP .NET development outsourcing that can help you solve your major business roadblock.

We’ll help you filter the best ASP DOT NET development service providers that can offer you great business growth and agility.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Custom software or simply bespoke software or tailor-made software is developed specially to solve specific problems within an organization. Unlike, other off-the-shelf software, they are not developed for the mass market and do not fit a general need. Custom software is designed for specific preferences and according to an organization’s requirements. In a nutshell, a custom software development service is designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading existing software to address specific business needs. The custom software development process goes through several different stages to get the final version ready for use and ensure robust functionality.

Why Custom Software Development Services?

In the digital economy, every company faces this question – whether to rely on a pre-configured product or take advantage of a custom application development company. For every business, it is necessary to understand the benefits of custom application development services. This way, it will be easy for business owners to judge whether to invest in custom software development or tie their business to existing cookie-cutter software. Below are a few benefits of having custom software developed for your company:

1. Better Personalized Solution

With custom software, you will be able to add features as per your needs. Whereas, in an open-source, you will not get this opportunity to add personalized elements to your software. Such additional benefits of custom software development services can quickly help you in the growth of your organization.

2. On-demand Updates

When you have a custom application development company on board for your business, you can quickly get on-demand services. Moreover, you will always get instant support from developers. This will make the software more efficient to satisfy your personalized requirements. Furthermore, if you have a big team and need efficient software onboard, to manage all tasks and plans, custom software is a must for you.

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Are you conflicted between outsourcing custom software development and hiring additional in-house staff?

Do you believe that it is more secure and cost-efficient to hire in-house staff?

If so, then you need to think again before making any business decision!

Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing custom software development and in-house software development to make an informed decision.

What is In-House Software Development?

In-house software development is an organizational system in which the software application is developed entirely by the company that will use it. In this system, the company assigns this software application development work to the IT experts it has onboard as their in-house staff.

Companies in this system receive zero external assistance and support. Keeping it in-house is no different than the conventional hiring process. To build an in-house team of IT experts, you will have to go through the hiring, screening, interviewing, and onboarding processes.

What Is Outsourcing Custom Software Development?

Outsourcing custom software development happens when an organization chooses to outsource the development of custom software applications to a third-party partner, such as a custom software development company.

Organizations, in this scenario, delegate responsibility for all or a portion of software development duties to a firm that offers custom software development services.

Software outsourcing is further subdivided into onshoring, offshoring, and nearshoring. Offshore and onshore developers are both viable options in the custom software field when developing a customized software solution.

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Do you want to secure your JDA software solutions investment while also increasing your company’s business agility? You can accomplish this by having JDA professionals manage, oversee, and maintain your JDA solutions.

JDA Cloud Services reduce development and deployment time and risk while allowing you to quickly and effectively deploy additional capabilities to meet business requirements.

You will profit greatly from solutions that are designed for your specific company requirements with your JDA software application running in the cloud and updates included in your service to ensure that you accomplish and maintain a long-term return on your investment.

Read ahead to learn what JDA software solutions is, and discover the various capabilities and advantages it brings along for your business requirements.

What Is JDA Software Solutions?

JDA software solutions is an information technology consulting firm that focuses on selling products and services of supply chain management to organizations. Currently, its clientele list includes companies from the automobile, food and beverage, and retail industries.

JDA’s software is designed with the objective of assisting its customers to save expenses, boost revenue, shorten execution times, and improve the efficiency of the supply chain. JDA products handle the complexities within distribution, scheduling, demand, collaboration, and delivery as the consumer marketplace evolves by incorporating real-time market metrics concerning buyer purchase intent.

JDA software applications can be acquired independently based on specific needs or in categories depending on the most appropriate industry segment.

JDA’s supply chain products are classified into three categories:

  • Solutions for manufacturing and distribution
  • Solutions for retail
  • Solutions for the service industry

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Are you planning to hire COBOL programmers to modernize your legacy software applications? Companies and organizations are hesitant to replace software that is still functional but age-old. However, finding IT experts and programmers to maintain and upgrade it has become increasingly difficult.

Common Business-Oriented Language, also known as COBOL, was developed in 1959 and widely used in the 1970s and 1980s. COBOL’s popularity has waned, yet it is still vital to institutions and organizations all over the world.

COBOL was taught in programming classes less frequently as computer programming migrated to object-oriented languages like Java and other emerging computer languages.

It seems COBOL is being phased out gradually (which is not at all true). However, several US corporations, including IBM, continue to employ COBOL programming.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you should be looking for before hiring COBOL programmers.

What Is the Role of COBOL Programmers?

A COBOL programmer is someone who develops and maintains software program applications in COBOL. This is their core responsibility, and they are largely associated with business data processing. COBOL developers design, build and implement code for new projects, test those programs to ensure they run on the chosen operating system, and make any necessary improvements.

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Do you ever feel the need to re-evaluate your IBM i security or modernize your legacy IBM iSeries AS400 software application? The concern with legacy software is that they outgrow their original and intended requirements yet continue in service for an extended period.

To keep up with changing business requirements, the systems are constantly updated to the extent that they are no longer recognizable as the initial model. This makes it difficult for IT specialists to understand them and make additional improvements.

To date, many organizations are still shackled by legacy software applications.

The AS400 software systems have been in use for almost three decades.

Although it is a very reliable technology, it does have certain drawbacks, even now.

Organizations that employ AS400 technology that is outdated encounter issues from time to time, which can be related to efficiency or user experience or both.

Let’s get into details of the AS400 technology and learn why must you modernize your outdated systems.

What Is the AS400/iSeries?

In 1988, IBM developed the AS400 systems, which included its proprietary OS/400 operating system and an integrated database. More commonly, it is now known as the IBM System or i-Series. It is adopted not only by medium businesses but also by several Fortune 500 companies.

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Is your company looking to hire asp .NET developers? Organizations handle a variety of important operations on a daily basis. Similarly, a technological and web application development company also works on a variety of development tasks.

Such companies hire offshore development teams to execute large-scale projects due to fierce competition and workload demand.

Outsourcing offshore IT experts is incredibly beneficial to the IT and programming industries, as it is one of the most dynamic and competitive segments of the market.

But what exactly is outsourcing offshore, and how can it benefit your company immensely?

Let’s find out!

What Is Offshore Hiring?

Although the terms “offshore” and “outsourcing” are commonly used interchangeably, they mean entirely different things. Outsourcing occurs when organizations hire external asp .NET developers or software development teams externally for specialized skills or services.

Companies can outsource professional IT experts within the country. However, it is considered offshore if you hire NET programmers outside the country. Hiring offshore professionals entail coordinating duties with overseas software professionals.

Hiring an offshore .NET development company involves assigning tasks and duties to IT specialists overseas, where talent is more affordable. Furthermore, an organization can leverage offshore development without relying on a third party. They accomplish this by formally forming an in-house staff in another country.

When you hire offshore asp.NET developers, you also get high reliability, performance, and experience(more details in the latter part of the blog). It is not only cost-effective but also a time-saving solution.

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You must have heard this term earlier and might be searching for an answer on the Internet. Well, we are going to answer this for you.

Web service is defined as a program that talks about “something” on the web. The integrated web service for IBMi is a term that describes the following technologies for IBM AS400 RPG:

  • The IWS Server
  • The IWS clients for ILE

The IWS server serves as a fully functional server where ILE-based program entities can be installed as web services.

The IWS client for ILE allows the application to act as web services clients by generating RPG, C, and C++ counterfoils that an ILE program can use. The counterfoils remove the complications of the web service protocols by managing to serialize and deserialize service requests and responses.

Web services provide the ability to represent the database to external developers through APIs and Web services. Even though that thought takes a shiver down the spine of many RPG AS400 developers who learned the proprietary ways of the AS/400, multi-platform incorporation is the latest development path. The stress on integration cannot be exaggerated.

In the era of the Internet, things are changing rapidly, and businesses worldwide are continuously watching at what can be done to make web services modern.

Since IWS’s introduction as part of the V5R4 operating system in 2006, it has been upgraded many times. The most notable enhancement in this series was – SOAP to REST services. Nowadays, most web services development in IBM as400 RPG shops uses REST services, but earlier, the web services were developed using SOAP, and they quickly outnumbered the new web services.

Anyone following the progress of web services must have seen RESTful architecture rise over traditional SOAP architecture. Web development services providers and particularly mobile-based app developing companies, have welcomed REST. To keep up with the increasing demand, Krengel Technologies had launched the 3.2 version of its RPG-XML Suite. The latest version can deliver web services to IBM as400 RPG customers.

The RPG-XML Suite is a collection of programs, commands, and procedures that allow RPG AS400 developers to work XML and JSON, offer web services, and consume IWS remotely.

Krengel developed an RPG-XML suite for RPG AS400 developers involved in developing web services in RPG and JAVA without a well-packaged development toolset.

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