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History of Mobile Games

It was 1994 when the first mobile game Tetris was brought with Hagenuk MT-2000, but that hasn't brought any hype to the gaming space and also among the users. In 1999, Nokia released its iconic phone 6110 which was launched with the preloaded Snake game which has gained a huge attraction among users. This is the mark that laid the first stone for the growth and popularity of mobile games. Today's mobile gaming ecosystem has gone through a long changes when compared to its starting stage. Let's see how long mobile games have traveled from their start in this blog.

Wireless Application Protocol

It was around 2000 when wireless application protocol technology was rounding up among the users, it allowed mobile users to download some basic applications and connect with the internet for some basic functions. With this users were able to access some third-party distributors and the internet ended up downloading a few gaming applications. But it couldn’t meet the expectations of many. During 2001, more powerful games like Arcade games were brought to mobile phones and all these times games were in monochrome.

Big Player In The Ground

From there after two years many color mobile phones were launched, and after that big players started investing in mobile game development like EA Sports focusing on mobile games. One among them that increased the gaming population is the 2004 Asphalt GT launched by Gameloft, and this resulted in the launch of much more racing that year opening up a huge market.

Start of Today’s Mobile Gaming Ecosystem

The year 2007 Apple launched its first touchscreen mobile and this was the starting point of today’s mobile gaming ecosystem. With this, in the year 2008, it launched an app store that lets not just other apps but also games be listed and downloaded. This helps the developers and companies to bypass the third party and directly target the mobile users. Many other operating systems were moving up with this idea but only Android and Microsoft were able to compete with the App Store with their Play Store and Windows Store. But it doesn’t last long as of now android’s Play Store is the one to compete with the App Store. With this trend, many games gained popularity every year starting with Angry Birds in 2009, Farmville in 2010, Candy Crush in 2012, and King in 2013 gaining millions of active players.

Modern Age Mobile Game

The modern age games started their race with the launch of Clash of Clans which initiated the option of an active multiplayer gaming ecosystem connected to the global network. After that many games were in the spotlight like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Pokemon GO, Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG and many more are ruling the mobile gaming space. This easy access to multi-player options has gained more players in the mobile gaming area. Even those who couldn’t access PC, or consoles were able to get gaming experience with these mobile games. And the future is moving on to take the next step in the gaming space which includes mobile games as well.

Future of Mobile Games

Already mobile games are powered with VR, and AR games with the growing trend on metaverse and blockchain future mobile games will be more interactive and impressive. Even now there are many PC games with blockchain and few mobile games but this trend will end with the launch of many mobile games with blockchain tech in the near future. With the help of blockchain technology, web3 game development will be making up a new market in the global space.


The point is, that the mobile gaming space has seen a tremendous change since its start, with the introduction of new technologies gaming industry has changed its vision and is focused on new trends and planning to attract next-generation players. The mobile gaming market has increased exponentially giving tough competition to PC games and consoles. The 2022 mobile game market easily estimated around $94.8 billion which was around $52.7 billion in 2018. This market is expected about $139.5 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 12.3%. Got a plan to launch a mobile you approach Maticz Technologies for your game development process >>>

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