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Blockchain was first used by the public after the launch of “Bitcoin”. Even though there was research going on decentralization for years before the launch of Bitcoin no one was able to experience the actual work of decentralization. And the Bitcoin launch is the cause of the enormous growth in the decentralized space. Following Bitcoin, many other blockchains were launched which were open to the public and many individuals planned their next-level products in the digital space because of the blockchain. That growth paved the way for the future of web3 platforms and Metaverse platforms.


Blockchain is being implemented in real-time projects after several updates and research. Blockchain is a chain of numerous blocks where each block consists of multiple nodes which store the data of every transaction. The blocks are created with the transactions that are done within a certain time period. To make it simple blockchain acts as a public distributed ledger that shows every piece of information that is processed through that certain blockchain network which can be viewed by any person.

What is the role of Blockchain in Web3 platforms?

Web3 platforms are named those platforms that involve blockchain networks in their development process. Blockchain is the heart of the web3 platforms even though there are many other tech stacks involved in it. When it comes to web3 platforms there are a huge set of platforms over various industries providing multiple services. You may incorporate web3 into multiple platforms for example web3 is widely adopted in gaming, healthcare, education, banking, real estate, financial services, and more.

Blockchain is the main key in the web3 platform development that makes the whole process go through a decentralized network making the platform more secure and transparent. When it comes to web3 the platform is filled with rewards and airdrops where blockchain will be implemented as well for all these processes. When it comes to industrial solutions, blockchain will be responsible for the security and transparency in the web3 platforms.

What is the role of Blockchain in Metaverse platforms?

The dream of virtual space is finally in its last stage and blockchain brought the key to the problems in the metaverse platform usage. The security and privacy in the metaverse platforms were the main concern for users around the globe but this time blockchain makes the platform secure and transparent which brings in many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the digital space with the advanced metaverse platforms.

Corporates are working on setting up their own virtual presence with the right metaverse development services and many businesses have already launched their metaverse platforms to know more about it. Metaverse platforms can be developed and launched without blockchain technology but users were thinking of their privacy and data piracy which delayed the growth of the metaverse platforms and now metaverse is looking out to make a big difference in the virtual space because of blockchain.

Summing Up

Blockchain is being adopted into various industries to make the process simple and overcome the obstacles in the digital space. Blockchain has become the most important innovation to many industries and are doing multiple research to tune their services/business so that they would bring in blockchain technology and scale up their business growth in the global business market. Blockchain was introduced to overcome the financial scams and remove the third person in the transaction but as of now, blockchain has been transformed into many versions that suit various businesses. Are you the one who is eagerly waiting to adopt blockchain then you may connect with any of the leading blockchain development companies and discuss your idea with their experts.

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