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Web3 games are becoming popular day by day because of their innovative features and the concept of play-to-earn is more transparent and trustworthy because of the web3 ecosystem which improved the growth of web3 games. There are multiple web3 use cases and gaming is just a part of them. The market value of web3 games is growing exponentially and this would open up many new gaming ideas and opportunities to entrepreneurs around the world resulting where the gamers will be experiencing many new gaming concepts.

New to Web3 gaming?

Are you new to web3 gaming and want to know what web3 gaming is? Let’s see what’s web3 gaming first before entering the top 10 web3 gaming list.

Web3 is the most advanced innovative tech of the decade which will be ruling over industries for the next few decades. In that way, gaming industries are also making changes by bringing web3 solutions into the gaming platforms. Web3 is a decentralized ecosystem and bringing it to the gaming industry has opened up huge opportunities. The gaming environment is highly secure and transparent where the user's data and privacy are safe.

Web3 brings in new tech for connecting real-world activities with the digital world which provides a new way of gaming experience to the users. The above benefits drive the gaming community to focus on web3 games and overall these factors the web3 gaming concept lets the players earn money in cryptos that have real-world value.

Top Web3 Games

Here are a few web3 games that you must try in 2023. The below list is completely preferred by me and it may slightly differ from person to person based on their gaming interest.

  • Axie Infinity

  • CryptoKitties

  • Stepn

  • Planet IX

  • ZedRun

  • Splinterlands

  • Sorare

  • Gods Unchained

  • Illuvium

  • Guild of Guardians

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game built over the Ethereum network which lets the users purchase creatures named Axies and involve them in breeding with other axies and using them for battle. The game comes up with two tokens AXS is the one which acts as the governance token and the other one is an SLP in-game token that is used to breed Axies. One of the earliest adopters of web3 technology into its gameplay which improved its revenue in the early stage itself.


Cryptokitties is developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs which allows players to buy, sell, and create NFTs over the Ethereum blockchain network. The NFTs are represented as digital cats or often represented as kitties which are used in the gameplay. Cryptokitties is one of the first recognized blockchain games but the only option of the gameplay is the player will be able to buy, breed, and trade kitties. The kitties are represented by NFTs and these NFTs are traded with ETH.


One of the recent buzzes over 2022 which has gained more popularity and many other related games are opened and even many new competitors have been opened up because of the sudden hype after the launch. Stepn is a web3 lifestyle application that lets you earn crypto tokens by completing tasks in the real world. The platform connects the real world with the digital world and the person needs to walk, run, or related activities with the usage of NFT and the user will be paid in cryptos based on their work. In simple words, it's a move-to-earn application.

Planet IX

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game where the gamer has to rise up the fallen planet and restore all glories uncovering the mysteries. The user has to restore the plant which resembles the virtual copy of Earth. Players will be making up this work by collecting NFT land and restoring it to its old glory. Lucas Sidenfaden is the founder and Design Engineer of the project Planet IX. The game is built over the Ethereum blockchain and it has around 1.6 billion PIX as NFTs and these can be collected using IX Token, an ERC-20 utility token.


Zedrun is a blockchain-based horse racing game that lets the players earn prizes. Over $60 million USD is distributed to players as prizes. The game is one of the early adopters of web3 technology. The game allows the users to race, breed and earn but the initial stage of getting into the game is purchased off the NFTs where the digital horses are represented as NFTs and these horses are used in racing. The game performs over the Polygon blockchain network and uses Ethereum as a supportive network.


The players of the Splinterlands game should collect a deck of cards and then the collected cards will be used for the gameplay, that is the user will be able to battle against other players. Each card collected by the player has a unique attribute that improves the power of the character present in the card. Dr. Jesse Aggroed Reich is the founder and CEO of Splinterlands and the game is developed over the Hive Blockchain network.


The Sorare Game is a fantasy crypto-based game that was developed by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018 which makes them one of the early adopters of blockchain. At present, Sorare supports three games that are based on football, Baseball, and basketball. The game lets you build your team and track their performance and you will be able to earn big based on the performance of the players of your team. The game is built over the Ethereum network and every player is represented in a card as NFT.

Gods Unchained

James Ferguson and Robbie Ferguson are founders of the Gods Unchained, a strategy game that adopts blockchain tech. The Ferguson brothers were involved with Ethereum in 2015 and this has made them dive into the web3 space with blockchain-based games. The game is built over the polygon network and the players have to buy cards in order to participate in the game, the users have to convert their fiat currencies to polygon to trade cards and participate in the game.


Illuvium is the world's first Interoperable Blockchain Game which lets the players explore the open world and will be taking part in battles with monsters in search of the Illuvials. If the player won the battle the player will be earning rewards. The game is built over the Ethereum blockchain network. The tokenomics of the gameplay is based on ILV and sILV tokens. ILV  tokens perform as the governance token and users will be using sILV to pay for certain utilities within the Illuvium ecosystem like traveling between realms, in-game purchases, and more. The game is still on the beta run.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardian is yet to launch and it's a blockchain-based mobile role-playing game with around 230k+ players already joining the waitlist which is set to reach out to a maximum number of gamers after the launch. The game is built over the Ethereum Blockchain network and the in-game assets are represented as NFTs. The game is published by Immutable, one of the world's biggest VC-funded blockchain gaming startups which are backed by Naspers and Galaxy Digital. Join the waitlist and be ready to experience the new-age gaming platforms.

End of Story

The above listed are the top web3 games from my point of view as of 2023 and the above listed are randomly placed and not listed in order. If you are new to the web3 space and want to kickstart a new business in the web3 space then you may get in touch with Maticz a leading web3 development company that provides various web3 solutions to clients around the globe. The web3 gaming space is making huge changes to the gaming industry. You may join the space by launching your web3 game. Plan your web3 game development with blockchain experts.

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