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Most online retailers will have to determine whether to provide discounts, when to offer discounts, and how much to discount at some point in the future. Discounts for your online store can be a terrific way to increase customer loyalty by converting them. However, if not handled correctly, it might destroy your brand and, worse, make you unprofitable.

In this article, we'll look at the advantages and disadvantages of offering discounts to your online clients, as well as the most effective discounting tactics for increasing customer loyalty and conversions.

Who is eligible to take advantage of special offers, coupons, and discounts?

Online store offers, as previously indicated, can be used to boost both new and recurring customer loyalty. Consider your complete brand strategy before you start offering discounts. If you want to position yourself as a premium brand or have tight margins, client loyalty offerings should be prioritised over weekly specials. Significant discounting and daily or weekly sales may be preferable if you have high profits.

Finally, you must determine whether and which offers are appropriate for your brand. When it comes to starting an internet business, a lot of testing is usually required to find what works best. Set a goal for each campaign or offer, start small, and monitor the results.

Discount based on a percentage

Percentage discount coupons are a common way to save money. To promote sales and sell obsolete or non-moving merchandise, the percentages could range from minor (5-10%) to large (20%+).


Before the customer completes the checkout process, automatic discounts appear on the cart page. It can be used to run a storewide promotion on a single product, a category, or all of your products without the need for a code.


To redeem special deals, your customers enter discount codes throughout the checkout process. A good way to give discounts to your entire email list or a specific subset, such as new subscribers or repeat customers. Promo codes can also aid in the tracking of marketing success. You might be able to track the proportional impact on sales by creating a unique discount code for each promotion.

Special offers for the holidays

Friday The most well-known are Cyber Monday and the holiday season, but there are other additional opportunities throughout the year to offer customers relevant discounts and deals. Askmeoffers, for example, uses holidays to promote incentives to new and returning customers. Email, social media, markets, and their website are all used to promote these.

Sign up for a free email or newsletter

For internet merchants, building an email list is critical. Conversion rates are increased when a reward is offered in exchange for email addresses. You'll also get their email, which gives you the opportunity to communicate with them, build loyalty, and promote to them in the future. For example, CouponsABC offers a percent off discount code when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Referral coupons are promotional codes

Friends and family referrals are considerably more likely to result in sales. Take advantage of this by providing referral rewards. You have the option of rewarding either the referrer or the recommended, or both. Providing a special offer to first-time visitors may be just what a new visitor needs to convert into a paying customer. Askmeoffers, for example, deals new user vouchers such as Aliexpress new user coupons to its users.

A popular upselling method to improve average purchase size is to provide an offer depending on a customer's total cart value. Calculate your average order value over the last few months and give all orders a 10% -20% discount or free shipping. Minimum purchase discounts are available for a variety of collections and products. Provide a minimum purchase discount if you want clients to focus on a specific collection.

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