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Do you wish to maintain the high search engine rankings and build online authority? Referring domain is the term to put your interest on. It is crucial to understand the value of referring domains because their quantity and quality can make a great difference in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.  

You ask how? Here’s your answer.  

Providing 100s of backlinks from only one website will never be a better option than using the backlinks from different referring domains. This is so because the links aren’t measured with equal weight. You must acquire a sizable number of unique links from unique referring domains to attract unique website visitors, bring more traffic sources, and enhance page views.   

This piece will let you know the importance of quantity and quality referring domains and how you can leverage this concept to enhance your digital presence and establish your brand credibility.    

Let’s first understand what Referring Domain is.  

What is a Referring Domain? 

Referring domains or linking domains are the external websites that direct visitors to your website. These domains contain backlinks that drive views and traffic to your particular web pages. Below provided is an image for your reference. 

You can find two referring domains with various backlinks linked to a single site in the above image. This depicts how external websites drive referral traffic to your website. Your website may acquire many referral domains, and those domains may consist of various backlinks pointing to your specific web page. Even your website can also be considered a referring domain if it has links that lead visitors to external sites.   

For example, an external website, let’s say X, can be considered as a referring domain if it has some backlinks referring to your website, let’s say Y. Regardless if you are receiving multiple backlinks from Site X, it is still considered as one referring domain for your website Y.  

Moving on, if there are ten different websites linked to your page, then they are considered as ten different referring domains. Some sites are linked to your page for the only purpose of adding a reference to their content.   

Note: One cannot control the number of backlinks per referring domain.   

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