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The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed the demands of eCommerce to the next level. For the first time in history, a tremendous shift is observed in the eCommerce sector. Stats say:  

  1. eCommerce has witnessed a 129% YOY growth in the United States and Canada.  
  2. 149% growth in overall online orders was recorded that was never before.  
  3. One of the surveys has found that customers have spent USD 601.75 billion online with U.S. merchants.  

With such record-breaking stats, it is important to be prepared for a great digital transformation. To help you make the most of your eCommerce business, we will discuss the tactics to identify your business’s low-performing areas and implement the right eCommerce solutions to augment your online store’s revenue.  

Why digital transformation? 

Though your business must be operating well through a brick-and-mortar store or an eCommerce store, it is always suggested to rethink whether you are utilizing the right technology to simplify the complex processes involved in the customers’ journey. For running an online business, it is of utmost importance to polish your customers’ experience. Providing a perfect user experience is an integral part of the customer journey, which will be the way to drive more sales to your online store. This level of success is achievable only when you are ready to transform your business by using the best eCommerce solutions. 

How to use an eCommerce platform for digital transformation? 

Every eCommerce platform is unique and has unique features to cater to different business models. A robust integration solution in an eCommerce platform can help a B2B business, and other platform built with rich customer-oriented features will tackle the issues of B2C merchants. However, it is crucial to choose a suitable eCommerce platform that can suit your business and target audience’s nature. 

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