In this digital evolution, the ideas of mobile app development have changed the technological world. The mobile platform offers you the most effective way to work upon your unique business idea. We reside in an era where mobile apps are interlinked to every little aspect of our lives. Giving your business idea a new direction by introducing useful apps will be a great idea to kickstart your business in the year 2021. A mobile app is a natural marketing tool, as well.   


A mobile application idea can give your business a new winning look. Many renowned brands are making the most of mobile apps. For example, L’Oreal. The brand combined Augmented Reality to make a virtual makeup app. Being a fashion brand, letting customers try on their favorite makeup gave the app an emphatic response around the world.    


Why use mobile apps for business?   

With mobiles being handy to access the internet from any corner of the world, mobile apps’ importance cannot be overlooked. The mobile application is the most potent business tool in 2021. And there are plenty of reasons to support it.   


#1 Reason   


Mobile traffic is predicted to increase by 2025 

In one of its reports, Statista revealed the global trend and usage pattern of people around the world. The above statistics suggested that online is the future of business. Especially when mobile app development is surging

Undoubtedly, this trend is here to stay and continue to grow its importance. With the shooting uses of mobile among all the demographics, more than half of all web traffic is mobile. As per the prediction of the Ericsson Mobility Report, we can observe a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025. To be a little specific, they even mentioned this traffic would come from increased video and streaming on mobile.  

#2 Reason   


Internet has attained almost 50 percent of global penetration 

The above map shows the growing internet penetration across the world. For developed countries, penetration is above 85%, while it is about 50% in developing countries. According to the latest report by Statista published in Jan 2020, the global average penetration rate was 59%.


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