In today’s era, we cannot deny that digital commerce is the future of B2B sales. Stats say the B2B eCommerce market is supposed to reach USD 1.8 trillion by 2023 in the US alone. To succeed in this developing digital marketplace, it is important to offer more than a cut-and-paste B2B purchasing experience. Today, shoppers expect a feature-rich digital service environment, and Magento eCommerce platform can help.   

Magento allows selling digital, downloadable, and physical products/services. It is an innovative and flexible platform that offers quite a handful of features for merchants to utilize. And that is the reason why Magento powers more than 12% of all eCommerce sites. It has been found that merchants who use Magento grow three times more in comparison to others.  

It provides all the reasons to sell physical or digital goods on Magento. Let’s assume that you have an idea of selling an Interim digital or downloadable product using the Magento eCommerce platform. For this, you can also offer subscriptions, memberships, or other services. A digital product can be delivered as a file, such as an eBook, software, video, music, or anything else.   

But before moving on to the steps to sell digital products or services using Magento, let’s understand why Magento eCommerce?  

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