A significant reason for developing handheld gadgets, especially smartphones, is the accessibility of various versatile applications that come with astounding utilities and splendid features. Our world is heavily dependent upon mobile applications, from communicating with family and friends to information updates and entertainment. It won’t be wrong to say that mobile apps have come to ease our lives. 

With the iPhone's evolution, Apple is now ready with a new breath-taking future of iOS trends and technologies. With the introduction of iOS app development trends for 2021, customer’s lives will become more comfortable. There is no doubt that iOS mobile apps have stolen the spotlight to foster customer loyalty and expanding businesses.   

The marvelous success of the iOS app isn’t hidden from any individual. But what are the factors responsible for the victory of the iOS application? The answer is its great performance and unique features. We can segregate both into two categories, that are user-centric and business-centric. So, what are their features? Let's discuss them below:   

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