Hospitals are one of such places where people have different memories. We all might recall the time when we have to wake up early to get an early doctor’s appointment, or patients have to stand in a queue waiting for their turns. It was difficult to take doctor’s appointment amid the situation when patients aren’t in a condition to stand for long hours.  

But thanks to a well-designed appointment app that can help in putting an end to all those discomforts. The various developments done in the health care industry has increased the demands of the medical app.  

Stats say:  

  • The global healthcare IT market will reach a whopping USD 280 billion by the year 2021.  
  • Almost 1.7 billion smartphone users have a healthcare app since 2017.  
  • Not just users, even doctors, are making the most mobile app. It was found that more than 80% of physicians use medical apps on a regular basis.  

The above stats show that on–demand medical appointment solutions are here to revolutionize the healthcare sector. 

Also, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc among the people, as a result of which they are reluctant to visit a hospital or clinic to address their health issues. It is already a known fact that the chances of getting infected rises in crowded places. Hence, many patients prefer staying home, either self-medicating themselves or risking their conditions to become worse.   

The healthcare service providers are now adopting alternative ways over the traditional way of getting a doctor’s appointment. In this initiative, modern healthcare technology has outshined as a savior to let patients and doctors held appointments virtually.  

Combating COVID-19 spread with software developments  

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