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In this tech-savvy world, computer vision has made life easier for both businesses and customers. The demand for computer vision is reaching a new height as mobile devices are becoming the new normal amid the chaos of COVID-19. Mobile computer vision is gaining popularity worldwide and is being applied in a wide range of industries. In this piece, we’ll delve into the concept of mobile computer vision technology and understand why it is important and affecting users’ experience.  

Let’s first understand what Computer Vision is?

What is Computer Vision?    

Computer Vision – a field of study that focuses on developing computer devices to understand visual elements, like videos or images. Such a system is capable of identifying objects and their characteristics in a 2D image. These characteristics could be shapes, textures, colors, etc.

Computer vision is trying to give machines the ability to see and process visual information like images or objects. Its applications aren’t restricted to only visual identification. It is used in various areas, like screen reading, defect detection, assembly verification, metrology, bin picking, intruder detection, and code & character reading (OCR).  

So, what is “mobile computer vision”?  

Smartphones were never just “phones.” From camera to games, mobile phones have always offered more than the standard calling experience. And in today’s era, the abilities of smartphones have taken a new turn.

Today almost everyone carries mobile phones with superior-quality cameras. These phones are when integrated with computer vision algorithms; their cameras can be used to provide personal and professional services.  

For better understanding, let’s take the example of the last-mile delivery process. The process of sorting parcels to deliver them to their final destination was time-consuming and challenging. The logistics and shipping companies resolved this issue with computer vision technology. The technology allows them to scan barcodes with their mobile phones and help them fulfill last-mile delivery in a timely and efficient manner.  

In our further paragraphs, we will explore the capabilities of Mobile Computer Vision.  

What are the capabilities of Mobile Computer Vision App Development?  

As already discussed, mobile computer vision enables mobile devices to understand objects, images, texts, and other visuals. Below mentioned are some essential capabilities of mobile computer vision app development. 

1. Pattern recognizing and matching

It is a process of automatically recognizing and matching patterns and details in data. Mobile computer vision allows you to use pattern recognition in image analysis, data analysis, bioinformatics, computer graphics, signal processing, and information retrieval.  

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