With the progressing years, a plethora of technologies has emerged to ease human lives. Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies that are revolutionizing Mobile App Development. No doubt, it has brought new transformations in the era of mobile apps.  


While we often portray Artificial Intelligence as a robot with human-like characteristics, it is more than that. It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly in PC frameworks.  


Stats say, by 2024, the artificial intelligence enterprise market is estimated to reach USD 22889.32 million worldwide. The rising demand for providing solutions via mobile application has surged the use of AI. The learning capabilities of AIs have helped businesses to meet every need of their potential customers.   


 Benefits of using AI in Mobile App Development  


Before investing your hard-earned money in implementing AI in your Mobile App, you must have an idea about the benefits it can bring to your business. Let’s have a quick glance at the five benefits of using the same.  


 1. Enhances User Experience  


By launching a mobile app using artificial intelligence, you create new frontiers and offer an ever-lasting user experience. Many retailers have already implemented this advancement to serve a massive crowd of customers.  


Business apps collect customers’ information from mobile devices, online traffic, etc. The AI algorithm is capable of processing their data and learn about the latest trends to help users show relevant market notifications. This rich, engaging technique will attract more potential buyers to the brand.  


 2. Conversational User Interfaces  


The conversational user interface gives users the freedom to interact with the computer. It is able to recognize both text and speech to provide a more relevant communication experience. Whenever one talks to a chat support app, they receive automated replies. The AI developers feed those automated replies to ease the human interaction process.   


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