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The crawl budget is the number of time Google bot visits to your site. This level of attention depends on how often they want to crawl and how often a website can be crawled. Google dedicates a crawl budget for each site. Confirming the crawl budget, the Google bot determines the frequency of the number of pages to be crawled. Crawl budget also measure the SEO compatibility of your website 

How to know your Crawl Budget?

To get your crawl budget of your site Google Search Console. The crawl stats report provides detailed report of your sites’ performance and Googlebot’s activity. This report states details of all activity performed by crawlers in last 90 days. It is known fact that crawling demand is determined by factors such as popularity, page type, and freshness.

Moving ahead, below are the five tips that you can implement to increase your crawl budget.

1. URL Parameters Handling

Infinite combinations of URL parameters create a duplicate URL alternative of the same content. Therefore, crawling the irrelevant URL parameter utilizes the crawl budget, oppressing the server, and lessening the ability to index pages associated with SEO.

2. Sitemap Updating

The XML sitemap should hold only the most relevant pages so that Google crawlers will visit and crawl web pages frequently. Hence, it is essential to maintain the site map updated without redirects or errors.

3. Internal Linking

Google bots always prioritize tracking URLs with more internal links pointing to them. Internal links enable Google robots to detect different kinds of pages on the site that need to be indexed to gain visibility on Google SERPs. They help Google recognize the architecture of a website to crawl and steer the website without any problems.

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