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Amid the increase in online sales, the e-commerce sector is experiencing the most significant growth in the development of mobile solutions, driven by the need to meet customers’ needs. Consumers need the freedom to buy goods and services anytime, anywhere, even while traveling. That is why more and more online shoppers prefer e-commerce applications over websites, as they offer fast speed, convenience, and personal positioning.

Factors such as better customer loyalty, consumer preference, high conversion rate, and increased smartphone penetration are key drivers that motivate sales from the eCommerce app.

Why It Is Worth To Develop An eCommerce App Dedicated For Festive Season?

Shopify states that tablets and mobiles were the favored shopping mediums for Cyber Monday and Black Friday in 2019, accounting for 69% of total sales.

According to Statista, The Christmas shopping season traditionally starts on Black Friday, the second day of Thanksgiving, but in reality, retail starts popularizing Christmas sales in early November. Cyber ??Monday 2019 has become a massive online shopping day, with an online sales record of over $9.4 billion. The main contributor to sales growth, the spending on shopping from Thanksgiving to Cyber ??Monday, generated estimated sales of $ 28.5 billion 2019 holiday season.

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