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The COVID-19 epidemic, the new coronavirus that originated in China and killed more than 4,000 lives in the past three months - has prompted companies to implement remote working policies, and many people have canceled their travel plans and often prefer stay at home. 

But staying at home can mean working or communicating with friends, family, and mainly staying in sync with the official communication. Fortunately, there are several video chat and conference apps that let you stay in touch with everyone you wish to stay connected.

As a remote working trend spreads across the world in response to the coronavirus crisis, the demand for video calls has increased dramatically. But even though video conferencing software is now more reliable and easier to use than ever, installing and participating in a video call can still seem insistent and require a bit of effort.

While it makes sense for important meetings, it also raises the bar for more convenient interactions. However, it sometimes becomes a task to take notes or share the focus between video chat and another application.
Let’s take you through some highly trending video calling apps or platforms that are a savior in the unconnected physical communications.

Tops Video Calling Apps to Consider While Working Remotely

Starting with,

  • Zoom


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