Have you missed the preplanning phase to kick start your festive season? The best time to plan your holiday season for the ecommerce business is the period between June or september. Well you are not that late to start. But acting fast on your ecommerce store optimization should be your priority now. There are loads of things to do to make this shopping season a flourishing one.

Giving a thought of taking a lenient approach for this lucrative phase might give a direct advantage to your competitor. According to Deloitte insights, Around 40% US adult shoppers said they preferred buying online in this pandemic. Moreover, 42%  of US online shoppers hinted that they would less prefer in-store shopping even after the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.  This indicates that  drastic shift in consumer’s way of shopping will be interesting factor to look at. This consumer’s mindset could impact the brick and mortars , but could a great opportunity to those running their stores online.

Lets check some interesting facts and stats about the holiday season and analyze the shopping trend consumers follows;

Statistics and facts of Holiday Sale:

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