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In the present scenario, digital transformation is booming around the world. Today, when other domains are making the most of this advancement, the education sector is no way behind. Schools and colleges are using the eLearning app to impart education. Hence, the demand for eLearning app development is rising exponentially.


With around 2.96 million apps available on Google play, the educational apps are dominating others.

According to Statista, educational apps are the most popular eLearning apps to be used. During the first week of nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19, they surveyed and found that educational apps have registered an enormous spike.

What do eLearning Apps bring to the table?

In this tech-savvy world, technological advancements and the use of eLearning apps are reclassifying the method of traditional education. Needless to say, eLearning apps' development is the next big thing to look after.

Other reasons why it is gaining popularity is mentioned below:

  • Offer convenient learning option
  • Facilitate efficient interaction
  • Single app avails varieties of options
  • Look after easy performance tracking, etc.

Moving on, we would like to mention that there are various types of apps defined for different demographics. Let’s discuss some of them below.

What types of e-learning app developments are available?

For Pre-school

The eLearning apps for pre-school are playing a vital role in imparting education to the students. Hence, these apps need to be creatively designed to making learning a great experience for the students. With companies like Panacea Infotech, one can develop customized eLearning apps.

For institutions/coaching institutes

eLearning apps designed for institutions/coaching institutes will help in offering online courses. Students will be allowed to enroll in the desired course from their comfort zone. To learn the course of their interest, students have to go through the following process:

  • Registration process
  • Profile creation process
  • Enrollment process

Also, institutions/coaching can customize the app for a better learning experience.

For teachers

The eLearning apps are even available for teachers. Such app developments are done keeping in mind teacher’s perception, where they are allowed to assign tasks to students and even track the students’ progress. Apart from this, teachers are allowed to push important notifications, schedule class at any time of the day, etc.

In today’s era, providing a comfortable learning environment is a must. The presence of various eLearning apps is becoming the new teaching trend, and one mustn’t neglect this fact.

If you are looking forward to developing any eLearning app, then Panacea Infotech can help. We boast of having a history where our eLearning mobile application developments have helped our clients increase their leads.

Why choose Panacea Infotech?

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