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Investing in long-term maintenance prevents your application from becoming archaic. As with any other technology, all external and internal factors related to your application change over time. And if your app doesn't follow sooner or later, it will suspend and get kicked out of the scene. Entrepreneurs looking ahead to start venture through app should also consider maintenance part as critical parameter in the overall process of mobile app development.

After launching the app, you should check it regularly, add new features, fix bugs, and update to keep users. You cannot leave your application in the wild, as it cannot run on autopilot.

So let’s start with the point, what factors and feature should be added in the maintenance pan for your mobile app.


Tips for mobile app maintenance post launch


First and foremost, comes the revenue factor that can severely impact if app doesn’t work as up to the mark.

Avoid downtime to save lost revenue

Let say your app generates x million a day. Your application is experiencing a sudden downtime and is not fixed for days. You will lose revenue for those downtime days. This happens when you haven't hired a mobile app development company for regular maintenance. A great brand can still suffer such a loss, but for small businesses, it would be challenging. Make sure your app is maintained to avoid downtime.

Prevent your app from being banned on the App Store

App stores have rules that must be adhered. These rules are changed from time to time and become stricter. Failure to comply with these standards may result in your application getting banned in app stores. With regular maintenance of mobile apps, your app should always follow the latest guidelines to avoid getting blacklisted. Let's say Apple released iOS 11 the previous year with a software update that required at least 64-bit applications instead of 32-bit. With regular maintenance, apps are updated with these needed changes.


Mobile app developers use third-party in-app libraries and dependencies during development. Now these libraries can change regularly. These apps will not work unless they are updated, making ongoing maintenance of mobile apps a non-negotiable item.

Applications must also be maintained based on changes in the programming language. There is a significant shift between Java and Kotlin for Android and Objective C for Swift for Apple. Regular maintenance keeps the application up to date with the latest programming languages ??to provide the best user experience and customer satisfaction.

Secure applications against cyber threats

Hackers always find a weakness in your application. You may have used the best encryption and security policies, but over time they become obsolete and prone to cyber-attacks. Either way, hackers will find a way to access sensitive and confidential data. By hiring a mobile app development company and maintaining your app, you increase security and maintain user trust.

Annual application audits

In general, Google and Apple are launching a newer version of their mobile operating system. A beta version of the mobile operating system will be released before the actual developer release. At this stage, developers have the option to download and test their applications to be compatible with the version. It is not uncommon for some functions to stop working or not work as expected after the operating system is shut down. Therefore, after launch, developers offer a maintenance package for the application to work and function correctly after each new version of the operating system.

Moving ahead to the mandatory parameters that should be included before planning the maintenance work, below is the full list that should be followed;


Checklist For Mobile App Maintenance


  • Reviewing Applications Online
  • Testing Apps
  • Incorporating Latest Trends
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Timely Monitoring Applications
  • Improving User Interface and User Experience
  • Enhancing Usability
  • Feature Extension
  • Migrating Apps to Different Platforms
  • Quick Response to Queries
  • Security Maintenance and Support


The time required for maintenance depends on customization levels and preferences. What you need to understand is that maintaining the mobile app is critical to the user experience and ROI. If you don't invest time and money in maintenance, the software may become obsolete. To get the most out of mobile application development, you should contact a reputable mobile application development company.

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