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Flannel Skirt Manufacturer

Just like the iconic blazer, a flannel skirt is an item that is here to stay no matter the year, time, and century. Depending on how you decide to style it, a flannel skirt can either offer you a very conventional look or a modern, fresh appearance. A renowned flannel skirt manufacturer brings forward the biggest collection of fine-quality, innovative bulk flannel skirts!

4 Extraordinary Ways to Style a Flannel Skirt


The texture of the fabric, color-blocking, accessories, and layers have a role to play in flannel skirt styling. Given below are some of the most popular looks that you can give a try once:


  • A printed blazer and a below-knee length flannel skirt is a pair that has to be no. 1 on this list. Try an oversized one underneath a simple sleeveless tee or bodysuit. If you are in a flirty, bold mood then think about going for a mini flannel skirt that comes slightly below the blazer. Go for muted-color footwear so that it doesn’t clash with the overall prints.


  • Love to experiment with your style? Match bold prints from head to toe. Partner a matching sweater, blouse, or blazer with a pleated, midi, or mini flannel skirt. Since the attire will already show a dramatic look, tone it down with monochrome accessories. How about cute white boots or black Mary Jane shoes with soft socks?


  • And you thought that scarves can only be worn to tie the hair or around your neck? You can of course wear one as a belt! It can really work as a magical tool that can instantly take your look to the next level. A Victorian-era-inspired lace top clubbed with a short plaid skirt and a solid-colored scarf. Beyond beautiful!


  • This one is a bit daring so try only when you are 100% sure of yourself. Wear a light blue denim skirt that’s combined with a little bit of plaid flannel detail with a simple printed round-neck white tee. Layer it up with a fashion jacket. Go for high-top sneakers for a cool vibe!

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