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Sisters and Brothers, Have You Felt Like a Tarot Fraud?


I hear you, my friend. When I first started reading tarot cards, I was thrilled to unlock their mystical secrets. But it wasn’t long before I started questioning myself.


“Who do you think you are, acting like some kind of fortune teller?” my inner critic would sneer. Self-doubt crept in, and soon I was tempted to toss my deck out altogether!


But then I realized so many of us struggle with what psychologists call “imposter syndrome” as we learn this intimate art of the cards. Even the most skilled reader has feared they didn’t belong. Know you aren’t alone in occasionally feeling like a phony.


Together, let’s explore how imposter syndrome might be impacting your tarot practice. More importantly, discover how the cards themselves offer the perfect medicine for this malady!


When We Doubt Our Gifts


Firstly, understanding imposter syndrome refers to feeling like luck led to your success rather than true talent. Despite praise, you feel secretly unqualified.


Symptoms may include:


? Minimizing your accurate predictions


? Dismissing positive feedback from clients


? Fearing you’ll be “found out” as inadequate

? Avoiding offering your gift with cards


What stirs up these feelings of fraudulence? Often it is the vulnerability of stepping into a new role like “tarot reader” when we still feel quite the novice!


Let’s have compassion for the unease that comes with growth. I still remember the terror of doing my first reading. What if I made a fool of myself? But the cards had faith I could overcome self-doubt!


How Our Decks Reassure Us


My sister, our beloved tarot, provides the perfect balm for imposter woes. For its rich imagery reminds us of our inherent talents and worth!


Have you considered what the Emperor might say about those lingering feelings of unearned success? Likely he would demand you cease dismissing your royal heritage! You belong seated beside him!


Or perhaps you drew the Moon, who illuminates even our deepest insecurities, showing us how unfounded they are. She knows your gifts and would tell you to have faith!


I also recommend pulling cards specifically to soothe your inner critic. Ask, “How can I find confidence on this journey?” Consider their counsel and know you aren’t alone in needing encouragement.


Tips from One Aspiring Mystic to Another


Finally, I have found tactics beyond tarot for conquering doubts on my path. Hopefully they bolster you as well!


I record affirmations of positive readings I’ve given. Revisiting these when I question myself shows concrete proof of my growth!


Also, instead of demanding perfection, I focus on progress. Growing into our power takes patience - the Chariot knows we must pace ourselves on long trips.


And I fake confidence till it becomes real! I pretend I’m the Hierophant radiating knowledge during uncertain moments. And you know what? It works wonders!


Now, shall we continue our mystical quest, my friend? Onwards unfurling the glorious scroll of our destinies! The cards await, and so do those needing our gift!