Find the Best Salesforce Consulting Partner? Easy. Find the best Salesforce Consultant. OK, exactly what is Salesforce Consulting? And how does it affect the Salesforce Platform? We need to jump into the whole process of Salesforce Solutions.

Salesforce, the world's #1 Customer Relationship Management tool, empowers businesses to build customer focus, from marketing to sales, support, and business analytics. It provides companies with powerful features to combine customer-related information from different sources. This effectively eliminates silos between departments and encourages collaboration in the entire enterprise. This can boost productivity and result in more positive outcomes and profits.

In fact, Salesforce is so versatile and practical that keeping up with all of its possibilities is a challenge. One needs to constantly educate and upgrade skills to take full advantage of its functionality. No surprise, then, that many Salesforce users turn to an outside partner to get the most from their investment. But there are so many choices when it comes to a consulting partner; how does one choose?

Hopefully, we can help with some information.

7 Ways For Hiring The Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

You probably spent a lot of time researching whether or not you will profit from using Salesforce. You read the material, saw the demo, studied the tutorials, and consulted with colleagues before purchasing. Since you've already invested so much, don't drop the ball on the 1-yard line. Make your spending a success, and make sure you're getting the most from Salesforce.

Skill with Salesforce is essential, but there's more to it than that. Besides being a whiz with Salesforce, other experience and skills will help make this collaboration even more successful.

Variety of Expertise

  • Sales - You'll likely want to implement automation that supports your sales process. Having former sales managers on their team can make for a good fit. Like any collaboration, there's real value in a broad range of backgrounds coming together.
  • Project Management - A good Salesforce consulting services partner should also have project management experience on their team. They are even better if they have experience running projects, large and small, in various fields.
  • Related Technologies - Choose a partner that has a background in other tech. Salesforce integrates with several different existing software applications. Knowing how they work and how they work with Salesforce should be a high-priority item.

Knowing How to Implement the Plan

  • Your new Salesforce partner needs to present you with a detailed plan of action to make implementation smooth and crisis-free. This requires some facetime and could be a lengthy process.

Continuing Support

  • This partnership doesn't end when your consultant gets you up and running. It needs to be an open-ended collaboration. The upgrades and your changing priorities will continue. So does the consulting.


  • The ability to adapt to changing conditions is a valued one. Hardly any project will come off smoothly. Be prepared to make adjustments to stay on track.

Shop Around

  • A lot. Take presentations from as many prospective partners as you can stand meeting. Not only will you make your best deal and find your best partner, but you'll also learn a lot in the process.

Allocate Sufficient Funds

  • You know how estimates go. Delays and overruns. Probably no one budgeted for the Covid 19 pandemic, but now that we've been through that, remember the lesson. You're in business, don't forget that just because you're dealing with a new experience, some things are valid everywhere.

What's The Real Price

  • Yes, price is important, but not the only important thing. Everything listed here has importance; you need to find the balance to make a good choice. And don't forget that, in this case, you're the buyer. You can call the shots. Sure, a consultant has something that you want, but they're not the only game in town.

You've spent money to be able to use all the great features of Salesforce, so you want to have access to all of them and to make sure it's working for you as best it can. No guarantee that will happen. It's up to you to increase your odds of success.

Salesforce Can Be Great for You, If.

Finding the right partner is a challenge. Like anything in life, it's possible to recover from a mistake, but much easier to do your homework and not make a mistake in the first place. There are options in making this choice; use them. And there are people out there that have done this before. Look for some professional advice, someone who has been on both sides of a deal like this and who can add their experience to your decision. Rely Services, a BPO, has advised clients worldwide on serious business choices for over two decades. Check in with them before you make the final deal.

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