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Mortgage lenders in today’s climate face a number of challenges like the cost of origination, high customer expectations, undesired closing ratios, and keeping up with the ever-increasing competition. By outsourcing the process to a contract mortgage processing services provider, lenders can fulfill their due diligence accountabilities to borrowers, while freeing up time and resources to focus on core competencies.

Mortgage origination is when a lender works with a borrower to initiate and complete a mortgage transaction. This involves many steps that vary according to each lender’s style and preferences. Proof of employment is required, such as pay stubs or W-2 forms. Federal tax returns are often requested, as are bank statements or balance sheets to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness. All of this takes time and time is, of course, money. Outsourcing this process, and its mundane, repetitive tasks, to a qualified contract mortgage processing company, frees up the lender’s time and provides them with the bandwidth to work with more borrowers and to close more loans.

Customers have an ever-increasing demand for technological advancement in their lives. This includes the process of getting a mortgage loan. Customers want their services as fast and as convenient as possible. By working with a third-party Mortgage BPO company, a lender can utilize offsite resources during off-hours; eliminating the time it would take a person to complete similar processing tasks. Virtual mortgage processing is a full-fledged mortgage process that can be done with the convenience of using a Tablet or iPad at a time and place that’s convenient for the borrower. Advanced analytics help save time in regards to handling potential problems. Advanced analytics is a set of tools and methods used to predict trends, events, and/or behaviors. Solving needs, problems, and issues before they arise is invaluable in business processes.

A problem many mortgage lenders face is undesirable closing ratios. Closing is when a deal on a loan is finalized. There are many steps to the process of mortgage origination, and at each step, there’s a possibility of the borrower backing out for any number of reasons. Outsourcing doesn’t entirely eliminate this possibility, but it does speed up the decision-making process and decreases the likelihood of a borrower bailing out of a loan application. A highly-trained outsourced mortgage loan processor can communicate on your behalf and let you know of any red flags that need to be addressed. Utilizing an outsourced mortgage loan processor can reduce the complications that stand between a borrower and an approved loan.

There are many mortgage lending companies and they all want clients. Competition can be fierce. One way to set yourself apart is to outsource your processing services to reliable experts in the field who have been thoroughly trained. Contract mortgage processing companies can offer experienced mortgage loan underwriters and loan processors who can provide quality work from setting up the loan to closing. This process is fast, convenient, efficient, and results-oriented.

The wide array of services provided through outsourcing the mortgage process can benefit lenders in a number of ways: innovation, consistency, efficiency, time, customer satisfaction, competitive advantage. Proper utilization of these services can help mortgage lenders take their businesses to the next level.

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