We've said it before: “Today's business world runs on data!” and it's still true. Rely Services is a well acclaimed Outsource Data Entry Services with 20+ years of industry experience delivering timely and highly accurate Data Entry Services at affordable prices. Data Management is a critical task. Almost anything data-related can be crucial to success. So much so that an entire business sector has grown up to handle data. Data Capture Services abound! And even more, Data Processing Services are flourishing. No, paper is still used, but its popularity is approaching rock bottom. And since Data Management includes both Manual Data Capture and Automated Data Capture, as well as other Data Processing Services, paper-based data is still available but more expensive than digital-based data. Since Data Capture must cover all the bases, there are plenty of reasons to outsource the entire process.

Electronic data capture is extracting information from any structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data source, including paper documents, electronic documents, emails, images, video, audio, and text.

The next time you do business or even take a vacation, likely you'll encounter some Automated Data Capture.

  • Travel: Automated airline and hotel check-in and self-service passport control use OCR to enable travelers to verify their identity by scanning a driver's license or passport.
  • Healthcare: Data Capture has turned the Healthcare Industry on its head. Digitized data consumes a fraction of the physical space that paper records need, and the improved access might legitimately be called a “lifesaver.”
  • Legal: ever so slowly, paper is giving way to digital record keeping. Contracts and other legal documents can now be drawn up and signed while still in the digital universe.
  • Insurance: Accurate data capture begins a fully automated claims processing path, increasing accuracy and speed.

10 Effective Data Capture Methods

And there are more variations of Data Capture than you might think:

  • Manual Data Capture - With this process, the data is entered manually using input devices like a keyboard, touch screens, mouse, or a similar tool. This data is then saved in a document designed for handling various types of data. Labor intensive, time-consuming, and thus expensive, it's no wonder that most enterprises prefer automated Data Capture.
  • Automated Data Capture - Computer technology can capture data and do it faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. The downside? The initial cost is far greater since Automated needs higher tech than Manual. But the cost per use quickly declines because of these efficiencies.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - OCR technology was once a huge deal since it was at the forefront of the automated Data Capture revolution. Now it's at the bottom of the chain when it comes to Automated Data Capture. But it's still in use.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) - ICR technology can recognize and capture handwritten printed characters from image files. Since handwriting can be wildly variable, OCR was not very reliable at capturing it accurately. ICR software is correspondingly complex and expensive. By “intelligent,” we mean it uses “Machine Learning” since it learns from its human-corrected mistakes.
  • Optical Mark Reading (OMR) - OMR technology is a relatively less sophisticated technology. OMR can look at a printed document and see where it has been “marked” by a human. In other words, it can tell the difference between marked and unmarked fields (boxes or circles).
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) - This technology can recognize specially formatted characters printed by a machine in magnetic ink. This technology is popular in the banking industry to speed up the processing of checks and is also readable by humans as well.
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards - This is data stored using the magnetic properties of iron-based magnetic materials on a simple credit card or driver's license. The ubiquitous card reader reads the stripe. If you've ever had to re-slide your card in a reader, you know that this data capture method is not 100% reliable.
  • Smart-Cards - Smart cards have embedded integrated circuits, so they are much more versatile than mag-striped cards. They can work with or without contact. Since smart cards have more memory than magnetic cards, they can be used for a more significant data set-things like personal identification, authentication, biometrics, and even opening your car's doors.
  • Web-Data Capture - Capturing data from the internet is natural for automated capture. And so, it is. But it also needs a unique set of technology.
  • Voice- Recognition - You may not think of voice recognition when you think of “Automated Data Capture,” but that is precisely what it is. It can come in the form of popular voice-to-text software, which just about every smartphone, tablet, or computer comes with right out of the box. This data capture can also “hear” human voices and capture that data as well.

Why To Choose Rely Services For Data Capture?

So Data Capture is everywhere. And as we've seen, this technology doesn't come cheap. If you're not using it now, you're probably thinking about it. But before you take the plunge, spend some serious cash, and set up Data Capture in-house, pause for a moment and consider partnering with a BPO, a Business Process Outsourcing firm. Not only will your pricey investment disappear, but you'll also continue to save money even after you start. How? A quality BPO like Rely Services has not only all the hardware and software but also the operators to work those machines and the IT professionals to maintain them. And that means you'll not only save money on the start-up, but you'll also keep saving money with the day-to-day operation.

If you could jump your enterprise into the future and save time and money, why wouldn't you? This is precisely what a Business Process Outsourcing partner can do for you. Use their highly trained staff. Use their up-to-date software and hardware. Use their experience. Use their speed and accuracy. Plain “use them.” What you'll get back will cost you up to 40% less than your staff doing the work. And about 99% fewer headaches.

Rely Services has been helping clients realize success for over 20 years! And they can do the same for you.

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