The infusing of flavor and herbs in olive oil is as old as the olive oil itself. Ancient people use infused the olive oil for the quick healing of wounds, and make many recipes by using infused olive oil as an ingredient. In infused oil, the extra virgin olive oil is flavored with several ingredients such as herbs, fruits or vegetables to make it unique. Here are some good reasons that make you try some infused olive oil in your everyday life. 

Blood Orange Olive oil

Extra flavor

It is sure that raw extra virgin olive oil is full of nutrition value but seems like tasteless and does not well-flavored. When we infuse the olive oil with various ingredients it will produce an extra burst of flavor to your choice. Infused olive oil by using rosemary, sage, oregano, ginger, garlic, red spicy pepper or any herbs will always give an incredible flavor!  You have several options for a different taste with mind-blowing aromas makes the oil more delightful. 

Butter Infused Olive Oil

Health benefits

Olive oil is obviously one of the healthiest food products and it has the capacity to cure many diseases especially related to heart and digestion. It will enhance the health benefits by increasing antioxidant qualities that help to cure coronary diseases and cholesterol. When some other ingredient like herb, fruit or vegetable is added to the oil, its nutritious value became multiplied several times. Furthermore, olive oil is usually medically recommended oil for many problems. 

Better for several recipes

The flavor infused olive oils are carefully prepared and packaged in small batches. With an addition of special flavor and a distinctive touch, the olive oil is often used in gourmet recipes and also used for amazing salad dressing. An infused olive oil has the capability to bring a tremendous flavor and taste to your food, making it more rich and extraordinary. 


Massaging and beauty treatments

Due to its strong aroma and nutrients, the infused olive oil can be used as a great moisturizer for massages and beauty treatments. Olive oil has the best curing agents within it hence can be used to cure many diseases such as scratches, itching, infections, massages and much more. If you are looking for a special spa treatment or a relaxing massage, it is better to use infused olive oil instead of others.


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