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Are you thinking to fly with the top most airline of the United States such as Spirit Airlines? Well, if yes then calling to the Spirit Airlines Phone Number is the first choice for you to make sure the tickets. According to me, here are top 3 places are main and I brief all places here.

Los Angeles

If you hear “Los Angeles” and you think of sunshine, movie stars, fake people (and body parts), beautiful beaches, and complete over the top flaunting of wealth; it makes me want to ask:  how was your trip to LA? You can call on the Spirit Airlines Number to book Cheap Los Angeles Flights.

As a place to visit, it’s almost perfect. You’re pretty much guaranteed amazing weather, the summer never ends here.  The nightlife and shopping is world famous, as is the people watching.  Hollywood history is so interesting and many of the movie and TV studios offer tours.  Both the Universal and Warner Brothers ones are awesome. 

Famous beaches are a relatively quick drive away including Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu. Top it off with theme parks of all descriptions, plus every imaginable type of outdoor activity and you have a great place to spend a weekend or a month.


Probably one of our top 2 favorite American cities, but to be fair it had a couple of things going for it before we even arrived.  Number one:  we are both huge Ferris Bueller fans, a great movie which is pretty much a travel video advertising how great Chicago is.  Number two: Da Bears, which I’d like to say is the greatest football team ever, but that would be a horrible lie.  Still win or lose we are big supporters. 

Chicago has a lot in common with New York in terms of the arts, shopping, and sky scrapers; but it has its own flavor in architecture, history, people and of course food.  Chicago deep dish pizza and the strange (but delicious) Chicago dog must be experienced. Now you can save more on Chicago Flights from the Spirit Airliens Phone Number.

New York

Approaching the island of Manhattan by plane is unreal, the number of skyscrapers is mind-boggling.  The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, so many iconic sites.  The city was built around Central Park and it’s worth a whole day of wandering, either on foot or in one of the many horse (or people) drawn carriages available for rent.


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