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Create a description that can be searched
Descriptions can contain valuable information that will help viewers find your video in the search results and understand what they can see in your movie.

A well-written description that contains relevant keywords will increase the number of views and extend the overall viewing time because the movie will appear more often in search results.

What can you do:

Describe your film using natural forms of description.
Select the 1-2 most important words that describe your film and put them in the description and title so that they are striking.
Use Google Trends and the AdWords Keyword Planner to find popular keywords and their synonyms. Keeping these words in mind can help you increase visits from search engines.
Do not use unnecessary words in the description - this will make an adverse impression and may violate YouTube’s rules.

How to set a description for a video on YouTube
A request to add a description is displayed every time you upload a new video to your channel. The more a movie stands out through the use of tools such as the description field, the more likely it is to succeed on YouTube. If in the future you decide to add or remove information, updating the description is very simple.

What can you do:

Fill out the description while uploading a new movie.
Creating unique and specific descriptions for each film can produce better results.
Create a description template with additional information (for example, with a description of the channel), which will be automatically added to the description of each film.

Use hashtags in the video description
You can use related hashtags (#) in the video description so that viewers can find your video when they search for a specific hashtag.

When you upload a video, you can enter hashtags (# hashtag # example) in the title or description of the video. The hashtags placed in the description of the movie work as links, which when clicked by the user transfer it to the search results page.

Add hashtags in key places in the description to help viewers find your video.
Use hashtags related thematically to your view. For example, if you publish a feature film review, do not add hashtags related to other popular films, actors and themes that are not related to this film, just to increase the number of views.
Less is more - do not overdo the number of hashtags in the description section. YouTube ignores all hashtags of the video, if there are more than 15.
Hashtags are ideal for popular content such as upcoming events or the people the media is talking about. Thanks to this, viewers are looking for videos on popular topics, you can find a large selection of relevant materials.

Do not forget, without views or subs your description anyway can't boos your popularity, so you need to buy views or subs for your YouTube channel.

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